A repositry of ideas for Pashley Guvnor riders

Not everyone wants to wear lycra and tex type fabric, have a look here for ideas.

The Pashley Collection

March 1, 2012 Accessories

  Those jolly fellows at Houndstooth Road have given us the nod in the direction of the mythical Pashley Accessories being released in February. Details are still a little thin on the ground, although from the sneak preview it doesn’t look like the Guvnor accessories have made it through the design prototype stage. The good […]

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Carradice Duxback Rain Poncho

November 7, 2011 Attire

No self-respecting Guvnor would ever be seen in public wearing a material ending in “tex” no matter how inclement the weather. May I put forward for your consideration the Carradice Duxback Rain Poncho? This item of clothing has several features to recommend it to the Guvnor rider, let’s cover the salient points. It is made in Nelson, Lancashire from […]

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Dromarti Le Grande Bicycle Mitts

October 9, 2011 Attire

Purchasing the Guvnor is only the first step of ownership, as a rider the chances are you will soon want to start wanting little extras for you and your bike, some of these are a little hard to find, others just require a bit of ingenuity. To get the ball rolling please find enclosed a […]

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