A Retrospective

by Adam on 7, January, 2015

The Year That Was

Well it’s not been a bad old year at the Guvnors Assembly, having had a little time to get our breath we have been around a bit.

We do enjoy the odd Sportive or two and are moderately successful having never been defeated in the Path Racer Class. One of the most enjoyable Sportives of the year was the “Tour of the Black Country” where we got to meet Jim Varnish and have our photograph taken with the legendary Hugh Porter, the glass of fizz at the end was rather a nice way to finish the ride too. In addition to the Black Country we also showed our faces in the New Forrest, London and Cambridgeshire. A possibly bigger boast than being undefeated is that fact a few brave (foolhardy) fellows chose to ride their first ever Sportive with us. Chapeau Gents.

We are of course much more than a club with the “need for speed” or a least the need to get around a set route, one of the few things we do take seriously is enjoying ourselves be it a club ride or a ride arranged by our friends. In the last year we popped along to the Tweed Run, had a superb day out with Tally Ho! Cycle Tours and showed the BOC what they could have had and of course a few ride-outs and maybe a pint or two with Velo Vintage.

One of the biggest cycling events of the year was L’Eroica Britannia and we were lucky enough to be there, making our own unique mark on the event and having one of the most enjoyable organised mass events of the year.

In August some how Dodger hatched a plan, dragged a few of the GA across Europe and became “Cool in Zurich” overnight at the Zurich Style Ride.

Finally the Guvnors Assembly organised rides, this year we have been to the Cotswolds, Lincoln and of course the cradle of the civilised world Manchester. A massive thank you must be given to the people who put the time and effort into arranging the events, the rides do have a special life and feeling of their own.

As most of you know with one or two exceptions the GA are wallflowers to a man (and woman) despite this was have been featured in three magazines and a documentary or two on Sky and Channel 4

All of this is down to the wonderful ladies and gentlemen of the Guvnors Assembly and of course the Basket Brigade, thank you everyone.

Finally, an extra thank you to everyone who helps out with the running of the site, Mrs Adam for the short-notice production of graphics, Dodger for his tireless manning of Twitter and Facebook and of course Mr Cycling Photographer for providing his world famous artwork and photographs (when he remembers his camera).

Until the next date in the calendar, we trust the Tweeds will hold and and we will see you in Spring.

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