The Guvnors’ Assembly by Royal Appointment

by Adam on 12, August, 2013

Buckingham Palace


If you care to cast your minds back you may recall a little event in London called the Tweed Run, with the generous offering of spare tickets and a few emails the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guvnors’ Assembly managed a decent showing, however several riders were left disappointed, as regular visitors to our little club know the G.A. is not one to leave a man behind and so a plan was hatched.

For a while now Jack from Tally Ho! Cycle Tours has been offering his services to the Assembly this seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the fellow up on his offer. A Courier Pigeon was released and a telegram received in reply, we appeared to have organised a little trip.

The morning of the 14th of April the Ladies and Gentlemen of the GA started at the Walrus (Tally Ho! unofficial Head Quarters) and they kept on coming with some new and many familiar faces.

At around 10.00 a.m. Jack set forth his first Tour Party before taking personal charge of our Tour. Usually our narrative would detail the route and events of interest on a jolly but to be honest the best way to experience the ride is next time you are in the city have a word with Jack and take the tour.

During the afternoon our host managed to combine seeing many of the iconic sights of London with a narrative that was both informative and jolly witty, of course Jack being the stout fellow he is he was good enough to tailor the trip for us by taking in a few more public houses than is usual on his rides although despite the Guvnors’ Assembly usually superlative behaviour in public seems a several of the pubs en route had been misinformed and used reasons like “closed”, “private party” and “not you again” to deny us refreshment.

Not one to give up we nipped over to Borough Market for a few pints (It was after all a very warm day) and then back to the Walrus for a chatting and a few spins on Alastair’s Tandem before starting to make our various ways home.

As we hope you know, the Guvnors’ Assembly aren’t ones for tittle tattle, but dare we say it, overheard conversations more than once, compared the day preferably to the one before…

Tally Ho! we raise a tot of Nelson’s’ Blood to you.

The mandatory snaps from the day

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Theodorus P August 13, 2013 at 9:58 pm



Teresa Stokes August 26, 2013 at 11:51 am

Brings back happy memories of an absolutely spiffing day, let’s have another one soon, Jack!


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