The London Bike and Ale Ride

by Adam on 22, June, 2012

London Ride and Ale


As with all good plans a ride through London over a weekend, taking in a few Public Houses was conceived over a pint or two during a conversation between Mr Corky and Mr Frosty, with Mr Frosty kindly taking up the reins and organising the ride on Saturday, selflessly dedicating himself to not only researching the route but taking it upon himself to ensure that the libations are of a suitable standard.

We have no back of fag packets available for a sketch of the proposed route, so embracing technology please find enclosed an electronic map. Proposed meeting time for the Saturday jaunt is 11.30 ante meridian at the  Blue Lion on Gray’s Inn Road.

I expect now, jolly readers you are beside yourselves with anticipation, however it does not end there. On the Sunday our jolly good chums Jack and Tally Ho! Cycle Tours has offered to take us on a “Canal Tour” which, despite it’s name I am assured is most certainly a ‘cycle ride. Starting at 9.30 ante meridian with the probable start being near Waterloo Station. If ever a trip was going to ensure hi-jinx then a group of cyclist riding next to historic waterways is a much of a “rubber stamp” a Gentleman is ever going to get. Again in the absence of a tablecloth scrawled with the proposed route please find enclosed an electronic version of the planned ride.

If your interest has been piqued then please follow developments over on the Forum, and of course not forgetting our thanks to Mr Frosty and Mr Jack for their Stirling work.

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