A Guvnors Assembly Cycle Jersey

by Adam on 19, April, 2012

Guvnor Jersey


On occasion over on the Forum the topic strays over to the possibility of a cycle jersey for us to wear, with the season charging towards like a Grand National Champion with the bit in its teeth I thought I would test the waters.

The above design has kindly been provided by Mrs Adam, this can be tweaked but after conversations with the possible supplier the above is a good working design.

I am aware that several Gentlemen have successfully and happily purchased jerseys from Oregon Cyclewear but unfortunately they have a minimum order of 100 custom garments, we have however found a supplier Soigneur from New Zealand who will happily do a custom run with numbers as low as 6. We are of course happy for any other suggestions.

So a few facts, the jersey is made from Merino wool with a jacquard weave i.e. the design is actually woven into the fabric. We have been quoted a cost of about $170 NZ (£86.50) inclusive of postage. On top of this we may have to pay import duty (12%) and VAT (20%), depending how vigilant Customs and Excise are this will bring the all in cost up to around £115.00

So Gentlemen, I’ve opened a thread on the forum, what are your thoughts?

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