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Are You Up To Much This Year?

by Adam on 31, January, 2017

Think 2017

Well it’s new year so we had better get the Mountblanc out and ink a few dates into the old Collins, we’ve pulled together a few of the dates we are aware of so far this year, but of course if you would like a date adding or even think so little of your reputation you would care to host a ride in your local neck of the woods then please feel free to get in touch either on the bottom of the page or drop a quick missive to Admin@TheGuvnorsAssembly .com

So what do we know then?

26th Feb 2017No ExcusesA Sportive around Cambridgeshire, the nice part being you get your money back if you turn upThe Cambridge Schlep
Mar 2017Nothing much on at the momentSuggestions chaps?
23rd Apr 2017Tour of The Black CountryIt’s not that black but it is rather good fun and very Guv friendly (mostly)Battenberg
13th May 2017The Tweed RunPossibly the ride that started it all? Everyone should ride it at least onceI say Old Chap!
14th May 2017Tally Ho! Ft. The GAEarly days but fingers crossed Jack and the chaps will open their door to us againGive us a chance
16th - 18th June 2017Eroica UKIt's the big one, bikes, beer and I've been told other none bike related stuffErotica
14th - 16th Jul 2017Velo RetroA silly bloody ride on the Saturday or a much more civilised affair on the SundayHills, Gin and beer
Aug 2017Another free month, unless you know better?
Sept 2017Free month (or maybe not depending on Pashley)
Oct 2017A free month again!I really hope we can sort something out?
Nov 2017The Holly Run (of course)No date or venue sorted yet, but it will be


Happy Christmas One and All!

by Adam on 21, December, 2016



Well Gentlemen, it is that time of year once again, Christmas is drawing in and not far on it’s heels will be the New Year, and what a year!

We’ve been taken in hand and led on jollies from what is to all intents and purposes France to the traditional Holly Run in the civilised North.

In between GA organised rides we’ve turned up en masse at Eroica Britannia, won every sportive we entered (Path Racer class), impressed many fellow riders and still found time for the occasional pint sometimes during, but always after a ride.

Then, as if this was not enough, the chaps have been busy creating a Facebook Group to create a virtual pub so you can recount tales of daring do in the company of other like minded fellows.

Until next year Gentlemen, may the Guvnors’ Assembly wish you a happy New Year and all the best to you and your loved ones?


Pashley and Chums at the Tweed Run

May 24, 2016 Musings

Pashley & The Tweed Run, London 2016 from Pashley Cycles on Vimeo. As a few of you are aware, the Tweed Run took place a few weekends ago, in lieu of any music while you wait for the GA’s take on events please find enclosed a little feature produced my those jolly nice people from […]

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30 Days of Cycling

March 30, 2016 Musings

Words like “Challenge” do not really sit with the GA, but the 30 Days of Biking appears to have struck a chord over the past few years with several fellows and one or two of the Basket Brigade stepping up and completing the challenge. If you gave not heard of the covenant, a fellow agrees […]

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Jack Wills, The Guvnors’ Assembly and a Few Hangers On

February 8, 2016 Musings

  It would appear that the venerable Guvnor has yet again been picked upon by the  youthful, stylish and good looking, this time in the Jack Wills catalogue. Now, we at the GA are not the type of fellows that go banding praise and complements around willy nilly, but when the article has the good […]

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Pashley Bikes Heritage

January 5, 2016 Musings

  It appears over Christmas our friends at Pashley were at a bit of a loose end and have dug the old shoe boxes out from under the bed, rummaged through the photos contained within them, and after discarding the more embarrassing ones, in particular the one with Rath, a bucket of milk and a […]

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