A Listing of Events that May be of Interest to Guvnor Riders

Eroica 2017 – It’s Nearly Here!

by Adam on 13, June, 2017



It would appear although Summer seems to be a little tardy in it’s appearance, time and tide as ever, has waited for no man and come the weekend the 2017 edition of Eroica will be here.

As always the GA will be in attendance, attempting to ensure the bar stays in profit over the course of the weekend and rumour has it they may even be riding their bikes at some point, as ever feel free to ride with or ridicule as appropriate on the day. If the day runs to form we shall probably go for a little ride on the Saturday, just to ensure we are bedded in before the main event on the Sunday.

Now, a few assumptions will now be made, if the #Eroica sign is present, and we see no reason why it shouldn’t be we shall meet there at the allotted start time for the ride before faffing around for a while and setting off to the start line about 15 to 30 minutes later. We will of course try an keep one and all updated via new fangled social media, but if technology runs true to form connection to the outside world can be a little tenuous.

At this point we most offer thanks to the magnificent Sgt. Fossil for the loan of the GA Colours, we shall whenever time and circumstance permits raise the flag to make our location known to all those who my have a tiny bit of interest and proffer the opportunity to wander over and try to make sense of anything that is going on.

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The 2017 Tweed Run

by Adam on 5, June, 2017

tweed run 2017


Is it really that time of year again? It seems only last week we were down in that London Town, wearing our best Bib and Tucker, hip flasks charged with the finest spirits known to man.

“So” as is the predilection for starting a sentence in this day and age what did we get up to? For the second year running the ride started and finished in Clerkenwell at the Bourne & Hollingsworth buildings, understandable what with them being the organisers and all that malarkey, but truth be told it used to be rather good fun having a different start and end point every year, but what the heck  we are not heres to moan about a ride that is about the style and atmosphere (of which the Tweed Run has in spades).

Now, let us not forget the Tweed Run does have a ride involved, squeezed in amongst tea stops, lunch stops, party games and of course plenty of bon viveur. Come the start time 11:06 ante meridian precisely this year (despite Mrs Adam’s best effort to rally an early start by sounding her klaxon for several full minutes), we set off in the direction of Kings Cross causing the usual Tweed inspired anarchy that only several thousand cyclists can in the heart of London. It must be said that even the grid lock caused near St. Pancreas was taken in good humour with even a taxi driver or two giving up and entering into the spirit of the day.

After a rather pleasant amble along Old Father Thames, looking rather handsome in the Spring sun and nipping over Westminster Bridge and making our way to the Imperial War Museum for a bite to eat and maybe a  drink of something cold and wet, our wonderful friends the Lincolnshire Poachers had a slightly different agenda and were quick to discover the Grand Union bar, closely followed by our very own Mr Corky rumour has it that the Landlord and his good wife still have not returned from their holidays after the unexpected windfall.

A bite to eat, a few interviews and we are away on the final leg popping back over Blackfriars and running back into Clerkenwell and the park outside B&H, where a little bike related party had been arranged where it was lovely to see our chums at Pashley hawking their wears to the great and the good of London.

 And that Ladies and  Gentlemen (apart from a few cigars, a few more pints, and the draining of the hip flasks is that),

If you would care to peruse a few snaps from the day, then please feel free to pop over to the gallery.


Tally Ho! and the GA are at it Again!

by Adam on 25, April, 2017

tally ho. 2017


Tearing around Hill and Vale on the Guvnor is all well and good, but as any Guvnor rider knows a ride without something to whet a chaps whistle is a wasted opportunity. The season warmer maybe the previous day’s Tweed Run, but those in the know keep their powder dry for the following Tally Ho! ride on the Sunday.

After international communications we are pleased to say that Mr Harris has agreed to come back from his birth place of New Zealand and take us, yet again to see the sights, sounds and pubs of the south’s premier city. As ever Mr Harris was a little cryptic with his suggestions for a ride out, we can only assume the courier pigeons were a little exhausted with their transcontinental toing and froing but he mentioned having a suitable route for a load of old dinosaurs.

If your interest has been piqued please feel free to come along and meet us at The Walrus Hostel gathering about 10:00 ante meridian, but in reality setting off about half an hour later. Mr Harris is a true gentleman and as such would never talk about the unmentionable  but we are sure £10 per head would be appreciated towards the clearing of his club’s bar tab,


The Guvnors’ Assembly Needs You

March 15, 2017 Jollies

  For a year and a day those exceedingly nice fellows have offered chaps entering L’Eroica Britania the opportunity to sign up as a “Team”, the pioneers took this route but truth be told not a an awful lot happened after putting our names on the dotted line. This year however, it would appear things […]

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The 2016 Holly Run

November 29, 2016 Jollies

After a little hiatus in the country, circumstances, kind offers and a few requests resulted with the GA’s Holly Run being relocated back into the cradle of modern civilisation, but as befitting a modern city the stops were all new. Well with the exception of Tandem Coffee House but what we can say, we are […]

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And The 2016 Holly Run is in…

October 4, 2016 Jollies

  Well the evenings are closing in, the weather is turning for the worse it can mean only one thing, better get a date in the diary for the Holly Run, this year we have something a little different lined up for your delectation. Based in the picturesque fishing village of Stockport in Cheshire we […]

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The Pashley Picnic, They Think It’s All Over…

September 23, 2016 Jollies

Pashley Picnic Ride 2016 from Pashley Cycles on Vimeo. It has to be said the Guvnors’ Assembly enjoy a ride, sometimes it’s up hill and down vale chasing after chaps who have purchased Bakelite bikes under the impression it will enable them to enjoy cycling all the more. On the other side of the coin […]

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