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Not everyone wants to wear lycra and tex type fabric, have a look here for ideas.

GA cap


Many of you may have seen the legendary GA cap on television or in magazines over the last year and thought “I really would not mind one of those but the weak Pound makes it a little expensive”

Well those lovely people at Red Dots Cycling have a bit of a sale on, if you care to avail yourself of their generous offer quote “SPRING25” for a rather smashing 25% off the price of the cap.

 A few of the chaps of the GA have had the caps for a while now, and every outing they have acquitted themselves with aplomb. The linen/cotton mix make the cap a little lighter and breath a little better than a 100% cotton alternative. They have also aged very well all the detailing is actually sewn and embroidered onto the cap so we have none of those horrible peeling decals that can effect cheaper head attire.

Well that is a lovely offer, I think I just might pick one up.

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Chapeau – Literally

by Adam on 2, May, 2014

GA cap

After the tireless negotiations between Mrs A, and those exceedingly nice chaps at Red Dots Cycling we have for your delectation the official Guvnors’ Assembly cycling cap.

Handmade in our North American colony out of 55% linen and 45% cotton the cap has a rather nice feel to it, and after receiving a sample the fit is rather spiffing too.

Whilst this is indeed a cycling cap and it’s primary use is intended for riding your Guvnor in we should also be mention that the cap can be worn “off piste” and would make the perfect attire for perusing bikes at the Handmade Bike Show or indeed Look Mum No Hands although in these situations it maybe necessary to flip the peak up and roll the right leg of one’s slacks up to utilise the cap to the full potential.

If you would care to own a piece of this bespoke millinery pop over to Red Dots Cycling and put your name down to have your pate cosseted in some linen and cotton loveliness.

A telegram has just been received at Assembly Towers, we can expect the first shipment to be dispatched on 12 May 2014


wintewr jersey page

Never the quickest to rush Assembly products out, research, quality assurance actually leaving the Public House to sort matters all take their time. Fortunately the Design Department is not so slothful as the Press Office and this little number dropped onto the desk from the blue.

The Winter Jersey is again produced by those marvellous chaps at Soigneur who have again been generous in asking if we can get the ball rolling with a reasonable first order by the 14th February. If things continue to plan they will carry on producing them on an ad-hoc basis. Jerseys ordered will be shipped directly to the individual, who will also be responsible for any extra import charges, although between you, me and the door we have been fairly lucky in the respect.

Please find enclosed the size guide* in lbs, feet and inches as well as foreign.




















Time to mention the unmentionables this lovely Merino goodness, comes in at £110.00 not cheap by any means, but if you care to look around at other long sleeve Merino jerseys it is fair to say good value.

If you interest has been piqued then take me to the shop.

*The sizes are of a “cycling fit” i.e. fairly slim, not an issue for members of the Guvnors Assembly but for a more relaxed fit it may be worth getting the next size up, it is also worth mentioning that Soigneur have been good enough to produce jerseys outside of this range going larger, smaller and even lady bit size.


Chapeau Gentlemen!

November 11, 2013 Attire

  Our tireless design team have been at it again with the old pen and ink my we present to you the Guvnors’ Assembly cycle cap? Early days yet but initial enquiries with those jolly nice chaps at Waltz will result in a cap costing about £35 + p&p depending on import duty and number of […]

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A Competition for Men

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Gentlemen, and on this occasion, I pray the good Ladies who frequent this club occasionally will not take umbridge at me addressing the following missive solely towards the Gentlemen of the club. However ladies, please do not turn your backs in disgust as we shall have an announcement directed at your good selves in the not […]

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The Guvnors’ Assembly Cycle Jersey – Ordering Instructions

May 11, 2012 Attire

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please find enclosed the signed off version for The Guvnors’ Assembly jersey. The jersey is essentially the same with the orange a slightly different shade. The main body of the jersey is a jacquard, with the logo and wording actually woven into the fabric, the Union Jack and “Respectfully Different” is embroidered […]

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A Guvnors Assembly Cycle Jersey

April 19, 2012 Attire

  On occasion over on the Forum the topic strays over to the possibility of a cycle jersey for us to wear, with the season charging towards like a Grand National Champion with the bit in its teeth I thought I would test the waters. The above design has kindly been provided by Mrs Adam, […]

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