Top Cap! The most Effectual! Top Cap!

by Adam on 21, February, 2017


In a Derek Nimmo sort of way, a funny thing happened at GA towers last week.

In conversation with @BicycleSeb he mentioned that many a cyclist have more than one bike, obviously we were incredulous, before he went on to explain that some of them may even have a newfangled system for holding a chap’s forks on called a “Headset” by this time we were sat down with a large brandy muttering that it could not possibly be so.

Seeing the angst scored in the lines of my brow he went on to pour oil over my troubled waters and explained that whilst he could not make everything well at the wave of his wand, he had been having a little play with his pencils and produced a little aide memoire that would help those on even the most fashionable of bikes remember they not only have a proper bike but are a member of one of the most respectable cycling clubs in the country.

Sold on the idea, we agreed to sub-contract the finer details to Mrs Adam, before @BicycleSeb approached Kapz and hammered out the sort of deal for the GA that Mrs May can only dream of.

If you should wish to adorn “the other bike” with a plaque of  style and taste  then those nice people at Kapz will be more than happy to oblige.


“P” is for Peloton

by Adam on 14, October, 2015

p is for peleton

A few months ago the GA were taken into a locked vault, issued with a pair of white cotton gloves and from a sealed chamber “P is for Peloton” was produced (This may not be a strictly accurate account of the event, but we have never let facts stand in the way of a good yarn).

“P” is for Peloton is the result of an idea by the word lady Suze Clemitson and after a tweet for assistance, the crayons of our very own Mark Fairhurst (The Cycling Photographer within these walls).

What is the book actually like? You cry. As you can probably deduce from the title the book as an A to Z of cycling facts and trivia that Suze has written with style that keeps a fellow’s interest and maybe even teach them a thing or two along the way.

As for the illustrations Mr Fairhurst has done a supreme job, not only managing to keep inside the lines through the entire book the images compliment Ms. Clemiton’s words perfectly with them both bouncing off each other’s subtle and in the case of Mr Fairhurst’s not always so subtle humour throughout the book.

Now, far be it for us to tell a fellow how to spend their money, but if you fancy a copy for yourself Mr Fairhurst is selling signed copies from his on-line shop “P” is for Peloton


GA cap


Many of you may have seen the legendary GA cap on television or in magazines over the last year and thought “I really would not mind one of those but the weak Pound makes it a little expensive”

Well those lovely people at Red Dots Cycling have a bit of a sale on, if you care to avail yourself of their generous offer quote “SPRING25” for a rather smashing 25% off the price of the cap.

 A few of the chaps of the GA have had the caps for a while now, and every outing they have acquitted themselves with aplomb. The linen/cotton mix make the cap a little lighter and breath a little better than a 100% cotton alternative. They have also aged very well all the detailing is actually sewn and embroidered onto the cap so we have none of those horrible peeling decals that can effect cheaper head attire.

Well that is a lovely offer, I think I just might pick one up.

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