Eroica 2017 – It’s Nearly Here!

by Adam on 13, June, 2017



It would appear although Summer seems to be a little tardy in it’s appearance, time and tide as ever, has waited for no man and come the weekend the 2017 edition of Eroica will be here.

As always the GA will be in attendance, attempting to ensure the bar stays in profit over the course of the weekend and rumour has it they may even be riding their bikes at some point, as ever feel free to ride with or ridicule as appropriate on the day. If the day runs to form we shall probably go for a little ride on the Saturday, just to ensure we are bedded in before the main event on the Sunday.

Now, a few assumptions will now be made, if the #Eroica sign is present, and we see no reason why it shouldn’t be we shall meet there at the allotted start time for the ride before faffing around for a while and setting off to the start line about 15 to 30 minutes later. We will of course try an keep one and all updated via new fangled social media, but if technology runs true to form connection to the outside world can be a little tenuous.

At this point we most offer thanks to the magnificent Sgt. Fossil for the loan of the GA Colours, we shall whenever time and circumstance permits raise the flag to make our location known to all those who my have a tiny bit of interest and proffer the opportunity to wander over and try to make sense of anything that is going on.

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KK June 16, 2017 at 8:41 am

Bon chance chaps. No doubt we’ll win something…


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