April 2017

Tally Ho! and the GA are at it Again!

by Adam on 25, April, 2017

tally ho. 2017


Tearing around Hill and Vale on the Guvnor is all well and good, but as any Guvnor rider knows a ride without something to whet a chaps whistle is a wasted opportunity. The season warmer maybe the previous day’s Tweed Run, but those in the know keep their powder dry for the following Tally Ho! ride on the Sunday.

After international communications we are pleased to say that Mr Harris has agreed to come back from his birth place of New Zealand and take us, yet again to see the sights, sounds and pubs of the south’s premier city. As ever Mr Harris was a little cryptic with his suggestions for a ride out, we can only assume the courier pigeons were a little exhausted with their transcontinental toing and froing but he mentioned having a suitable route for a load of old dinosaurs.

If your interest has been piqued please feel free to come along and meet us at The Walrus Hostel gathering about 10:00 ante meridian, but in reality setting off about half an hour later. Mr Harris is a true gentleman and as such would never talk about the unmentionable  but we are sure £10 per head would be appreciated towards the clearing of his club’s bar tab,