March 2017

The Guvnors’ Assembly Needs You

by Adam on 15, March, 2017

We Need You


For a year and a day those exceedingly nice fellows have offered chaps entering L’Eroica Britania the opportunity to sign up as a “Team”, the pioneers took this route but truth be told not a an awful lot happened after putting our names on the dotted line.

This year however, it would appear things have changed somewhat and we are now eligible for a field card

The Field Card

As you can see they promise the world for very little. I’ve been so bold as to read the small print and it would appear all we need to do is provide our electronic mail addresses offer ourselves at the feet of the organisers and should we be deemed a Team then we will be welcomed with open arms.

The Eroica chaps do ask that we wear team strip (check) or Tweed (double check), but lets be honest the GA are not the sort of fellows who will turn a fellow away on account of his attire or transport, in fact, truth be known a fellow has not even got to be a fellow.

If your whistle has been whetted then just pop your name over on the forum and we will get the secretary to collate names and email addresses then pop them in the old velum envelope.

See you later chaps

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