October 2016

And The 2016 Holly Run is in…

by Adam on 4, October, 2016



Well the evenings are closing in, the weather is turning for the worse it can mean only one thing, better get a date in the diary for the Holly Run, this year we have something a little different lined up for your delectation.

Based in the picturesque fishing village of Stockport in Cheshire we have been hard at the negotiating table with Tandem Coffee House (which after visiting them a few years ago with the GA is nothing short of a miracle), and the Master of the Wok Jimmy from Nasi Lemak has agreed with a little gentle persuasion to take over the kitchen and feed the GA like kings for an evening along with a few surprises from Tandem (PowerPoint has been mentioned). A few t’s still need to be crossed and i’s dotted but all the dominoes are lining up.

There will of course be a little riding involved on the Saturday and the Sunday and of course a good pub or two en route.

If you are planning on popping along, due to the fact we are planning on taking over Tandem for the evening it would be appreciated if you could pop over to the forum and leave your mark, this should let the people who are capable of organising to organise. The price for this evening will be fixed at £25.00 + booze that we haven’t properly sorted out yet

May we be so bold as to suggest if you are looking for accommodation Stockport’s Finest Hotel would make a suitable lodging.

Hopefully we shall see a few faces in the month of November

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