August 2016

The 2016 Pashley Picnic

by Adam on 20, August, 2016

2016 Picnic

Well Ladies and Gentleman, it looks like Pashley are doing it again, this time in a Hollywood Blockbuster style (queue explosions and gruff American accented voice over) “Bigger and Better than ever before”.

In truth it’s probably more along the lines of “I say chaps, it’s our 90th birthday shall we push the boat out a little?” The net result of all this power talk, a virtual Pashley centric cycle festival. Obviously when we say festival we mean more of a two day event with bikes, boats and Shakespeare.

This really is an event anyone can ride along and it is always lovely to visit the home of Pashley and chat to those awfully nice people from the company. If you fancy coming along (and there really shouldn’t be any reason why you shouldn’t) then further information and tickets can be found here and here.

It would appear that the Guvnors’ Assembly HQ is in the Shire on Avon although accommodation-a-plenty can be found within the town, as it appears the official fun and frolics do not start until Saturday evening it is very likely the chaps of the GA will arrange a little spin for the Saturday.

If you still are not entirely convinced here are a few snaps from previous rides 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and of course here is what the chaps are chatting about over on the forum


The 2016 Tweed Run

by Adam on 2, August, 2016

tweed 2016 FP


Is it really four months since this years Tweed Run? Has it really taken this long to put pen to paper?, The answers to both these questions is yes and, embarrassingly yes.

By now, one and all will probably have a good idea what occurred, to whom and why, please indulge us a little longer and listen to the ramblings and reminiscences of the Guvnors’ Assembly. This year’s Tweed Run was the first event since Mr Young-Ing handed over the keys to the Manor House he has carefully built up over the past seven years to the honourable fellows at Bourne and Hollingsworth. The first and most notable ramification of this being the start venue outside the Bourne and Hollingsworth buildings before we got our act together, paused for a quick pull on our hip flasks, got our act together again and set off onto the streets of London Town.

Anyone who has ridden on the Tweed Run, or indeed just followed from afar will be aware that the route varies from year to year, they will also be aware that as the years have gone by, the route, although still very enjoyable was at times a little more walk than ride.

Lunch stop on this particular ride was within the grounds of Albert Park, where a few friends of the GA were pulled in to our sphere of influence (possibly by the offer of alcohol), although all too soon the ever diligent Marshals, were doing there thing and attempting to motivate 500+ recently fed and watered riders for a group shot at the foot of the Albert Memorial, alas an unfinished bottle of wine prevented our participation.

Photo completed and back on our bikes for the return journey back to Spa Fields for a warm welcome and a Hendricks cocktail, for most participants at least, the chaps guarding the gate were a little apoplectic at the GA riding through the gate and they forgot to issue us with our complementary voucher, fortunately we had charged our hip flasks in preparation (although we were also admonished for having a little nip from these).

All in all we had a wonderful time, a rather pleasant chat with Pashley’s Mr Williams, who even after all these years still has not learnt his lesson and asked Mr Adam if he would mind being interviewed by a German production company.

All in all, the Tweed Run has changed, a little more polished, a few more rules but the spirit lives on and perhaps most importantly for a cycling event the opportunity to actually ride our bikes.

A few snaps from the day.