L’Eroica Britannia 2015

July 1, 2015 Jollies

Building on the success of last year L’Eroica Britannia was bigger with nearly twice the number of riders and a big increase in the number of exhibitors; in dark corridors whisperings of “too big? car manufacturers? cement lorries? I hope the toilets are better! ” could be heard. As ever the ladies and gentlemen of […]

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Ride With the Guvnors’ Assembly

June 16, 2015 Jollies

In the spirit of L’Eroica the chaps in Assembly Towers toyed with the idea of running a little competition whereupon for the princely sum of £5.00 Stirling a fellow would receive a lottery ticket entitling them to the chance of an opportunity to ride l’Eroica Britannia with the stout fellows of the Guvnors’ Assembly. It […]

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The 2015 Pashley Picnic

June 7, 2015 Jollies

The Pashley Picnic 2015 from Guvnors’ Assembly The Pashley Picnic is now in its’ forth year and I am pleased to say it is still as quintessentially British now as it was that day on the Queen’s Jubilee back in 2011. Again this year we registered and gathered outside the Traditional Cycle, the RSC is […]

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Tour of The Black Country

May 18, 2015 Jollies

  A year ago a few of the fellows from the GA rode the inaugural Tour of the Black Country and what a rather splendid day out it was too. Well organised, run with good humour and a route that made a rather nice change to the usual sportive event. In the event you may […]

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The 2015 Tweed Run

April 28, 2015 Jollies

The Tweed Run, start of the Jollies season. It is often said that everyone should ride the Tweed Run at least once for some people that is enough, for others they just seem to keep going back. The 2015 Tweed Run was different in several ways over previous events, Tweed was of course the order […]

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Tally Ho! – We’re Off to London

April 13, 2015 Jollies

  We are sure a few of you maybe aware that a Tweed themed cycle ride is taking place in that London this weekend, rumours of “too big”, “lost their” can occasionally be heard. Fear not, those with their ear to the urban beat will know that the Tally Ho! cycle ride on the Sunday […]

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31st of May the Pashley Picnic

April 8, 2015 Jollies

The Pashley Picnic has gained a reputation of a “rather smashing” weekend away, and with the exception of the maiden event the weather has been spot on. The picnic is a little bit special for a variety of reasons, the Guvnors’ home turf, a rather relaxed feel to the day, pass the parcel, it is […]

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