August 2015

Barrels and Bikes

by Adam on 26, August, 2015

Bikes and Barrels

For the third year on the trot our wonderful hosts Mr and Mrs Cycling Photographer, metaphorically opened their doors and invited the GA into their manor to sample a little bit more fine Cotswold riding.

Headquarters this year was The Royal Oak in Tetbury where we were incredibly well fed and watered by the lovely people at the establishment. Friday evening the gathering of the GA Clan, with at one point Mr Cycling Photographer appearing with a Boules case and challenging the chaps to a match. It was only as we were walking down to the pitch it  became evident none of us actually knew how to play the game, fortunately a few locals were kind enough to show us the ropes even if they did take the liberty to fleece us with a “small wager” after our first game, incidentally the two teams naturally split into North vs South, of course it is bad form to talk about winners and losers suffice to say the Civilised end won.

Saturday morning, with the sun starting to crack the flags we were joined by a handful of first timers (on a GA ride at least) and of course the ever present press wanting a hot scoop for the local news, although syndication was mentioned more than once.

And then we were off…

The Cotswolds can be a little lumpy in places and every year  Mr & Mrs TCP manage to navigate us around the worst of them, but alas not all of them although as is ever the GA’s creed “No man (or woman) was left behind” although if we had known the lunch time stop was a pub with their own microbrewery in advance it could have been carnage. The Red Lion in Cricklade was a very welcome break with plenty of good beer on tap, unfortunately bike riding and a return journey got in the way of our extensive testing. The Guvnors’ Assembly hate leaving a job half finished and mutterings of “next year” was heard once or twice.

A different route on our return leg took us back through several chocolate box villages, showing us places that would not appear in your usual guides but beautiful none the less. Of course riding past a camp site with hundreds of triathletes preparing for a Sunday event, not only were we better dressed I think if we had turned up on the Sunday our Pashleys would have shown one or two of them a clean pair of heels.

As we have previously mentioned and riding in the heat (hats off to Mr Corky and Mr Douglas for the tweeds, although it was noted that Mr Douglas removed his waist coast very early in the day, Empire Sir, Empire), when miraculously what was first perceived to be a mirage actually turned out to be another pub. As inevitable as a five speed hub giving up the ghost we were enticed by the Trouble House’s promise of a cold drink a promise we could not miss.

As hot as the Saturday was, the Sunday was wet, the sort of wet that would get Noah running for his tools again. Not surprisingly we lost a few of the more sensible riders and actually gained one, Steve from GBBB whom a few of the chaps have purchased his excellent head-sets is opening a Pashley shop in October and came along to invite the GA to it’s opening with the promise of free beer, but I suspect he has an ulterior motive of preparing himself for the sort of customer he will be having to deal with. Suffice to say the Sunday was ride was considerably shorter although the Cat and Custard Bowl was again of a two pint standard.

As ever a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Cycling Photographer for being the impeccable hosts and a warm welcome to Ivon, Steve and Steve, Jennifer and Douglas. We trust you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did?


And for a view from our American cousins the lovely Jennifer has offered her version of events.


Where snakes in the grass are absolutely free…..

by The Cycling Photographer on 13, August, 2015




How time flies! It’s that time of year again where the Cotswolds welcomes the wonderful

Guvnor’s Assembly.

Good food, beer, company and much laughter. Save a fiver for a possible spectacle of Sunday…..

10.30am pre-ride media call on Saturday. As for Sunday, lets see how our heads feel!

Safe journeys and see you there!