L’Eroica Britannia 2015

by Adam on 1, July, 2015

l'eroica 2015

Building on the success of last year L’Eroica Britannia was bigger with nearly twice the number of riders and a big increase in the number of exhibitors; in dark corridors whisperings of “too big? car manufacturers? cement lorries? I hope the toilets are better! ” could be heard. As ever the ladies and gentlemen of the GA are prepared to throw personal concerns aside and enter into the spirit of the weekend to find out what the real gen. was really about.

Obviously to enable us to carry out this research to the best of our ability we stood knocking on the festival gates as Bakewell’s town hall clock began to strike midday. Camp quickly erected we retired to the Thornbridge beer tent to ensure the Jaipur and Handsome had not gone off in the intervening year, a task the Mr Simmons approached with relish and could confirm that the last pint was every bit as good as the first. To be honest, as many of us had not seen each other for the previous six months a fair amount of catching up had to be done all ’round.

Saturday came upon us a little warmer than the Friday with Mrs Pip providing a breakfast from a two ring hob that would put the fellow with loaves and fishes to shame, today was a day for relaxing (and maybe a little ride for some) whilst others took in the stands and introduced themselves to virtual friends. Mid-afternoon the shrinking violets of the GA were approached en-masse by the “Paps” as our secret card was revealed, word was out.

One of the GA consists of a Swiss Chap introduced to the club by Miss AK as her farther. The week previously this fellow had decided to go for a bike ride setting off from Zurich on a 1000 mile odyssey over to Bakewell, unsupported without even a mobile telecommunications device as back up, he did actually lament the lack of payphone boxes available in France nowadays. Chapeau is a term frequently used amongst the cycling community, rarely is it so richly deserved.

An uncharacteristically early night for everyone, for tomorrow was the “big day” in the wonderful spirit of solidarity the GA show time and time again the 30 milers popped on their best PJ’s and came down to wave the 55s off. It may have been mentioned last year, but the Peak District offers some of the best riding in the country with the organisers putting a route together, on the 30 and the 55 just the right side of hard for a Guvnor or of course the little Princess’ who had stoically finished their loop, not forgetting an honourable mention in despatches for Herr Greenspeed who got up at an hour known only to the working classes and set off on the 100 riding his Five Speed (he also looked a lot fresher than the 55 milers at the end of it all).

And that, baring the torrential rain that saw us running for cover was that. The early concerns were unfounded, the event is much larger but the organisers have managed it well, keeping the main classic cycle interest centred on the grounds and the more commercial interests whilst present unobtrusive. The toilets I am pleased to say, whilst not perfect were improved.

Finally, A warm welcome to Mr Wickers and Capt. Poldark, jolly nice to ride out with you fellows

 A few snaps of riders and the ladies and gents of GA

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Benno Straumann August 22, 2015 at 7:33 pm

Planning to do it again, leaving Switzerland 10 June, arrival Eroica main gate 17 June noon.


Mr Mark Fairhurst ‏@MrMarkFairhurst 20. Juni
Benno Straumann, 71 years young, has cycled from Switzerland to @EroicaBritannia Riding home too!


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