Ride With the Guvnors’ Assembly

by Adam on 16, June, 2015

Eroica 2014

In the spirit of L’Eroica the chaps in Assembly Towers toyed with the idea of running a little competition whereupon for the princely sum of £5.00 Stirling a fellow would receive a lottery ticket entitling them to the chance of an opportunity to ride l’Eroica Britannia with the stout fellows of the Guvnors’ Assembly.

It was however quickly pointed out that maybe the only way we would get any interest would be if we paid people to ride with us, a quick envelope calculation later led to the conclusion that this would rapidly empty our meagre coffers whereupon a third option was hit upon where we just made an open offer to riders that if they fancied completing the loop with the GA we met up at the Thornbridge beer tent and leave for the start line half an hour before the start to give us the opportunity to get a few snaps and have a nosey around.

We have never left a man behind, although technically we may have polished one or two off after the act so please feel free to ride along with us and we promise to regale you with stories of daring do (possibly).

Quick update chaps

If you would like to ride the fifty with us we will be leaving the Thornbridge Tent at 7:00 am

If you would like to ride the thirty we shall be leaving the beer tent at 9:00 am

Looking forward to the ride

A few snaps from last year to whet your appetite.

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