June 2015

Ride With the Guvnors’ Assembly

by Adam on 16, June, 2015

Eroica 2014

In the spirit of L’Eroica the chaps in Assembly Towers toyed with the idea of running a little competition whereupon for the princely sum of £5.00 Stirling a fellow would receive a lottery ticket entitling them to the chance of an opportunity to ride l’Eroica Britannia with the stout fellows of the Guvnors’ Assembly.

It was however quickly pointed out that maybe the only way we would get any interest would be if we paid people to ride with us, a quick envelope calculation later led to the conclusion that this would rapidly empty our meagre coffers whereupon a third option was hit upon where we just made an open offer to riders that if they fancied completing the loop with the GA we met up at the Thornbridge beer tent and leave for the start line half an hour before the start to give us the opportunity to get a few snaps and have a nosey around.

We have never left a man behind, although technically we may have polished one or two off after the act so please feel free to ride along with us and we promise to regale you with stories of daring do (possibly).

Quick update chaps

If you would like to ride the fifty with us we will be leaving the Thornbridge Tent at 7:00 am

If you would like to ride the thirty we shall be leaving the beer tent at 9:00 am

Looking forward to the ride

A few snaps from last year to whet your appetite.


The 2015 Pashley Picnic

by Adam on 7, June, 2015

The Pashley Picnic 2015 from Guvnors’ Assembly

The Pashley Picnic is now in its’ forth year and I am pleased to say it is still as quintessentially British now as it was that day on the Queen’s Jubilee back in 2011.

Again this year we registered and gathered outside the Traditional Cycle, the RSC is a beautiful congregation point in it’s own right, but it has to be said it is rather nice seeing a large proportion of the Pashley range all together in one point, including a few of the rarer beasts like the rather handsome Pathfinder.

In the run up to the Picnic the Berger’s at Pashley contacted GA HQ and asked if they would be good enough to enlist the help from a few of the ranks and be a “Ride Guide”. A ride guide with Pashley does not have nearly the same stress levels as those on the Tweed Run, maybe an odd mechanical, but far more likely the odd word of encouragement and the sharing of a medicinal flask.

This years’ ride like the first ride was a saunter up to Charlecote Manor, a National Trust property on the outskirts of Stratford Upon Avon where we were fed with crisps and cake then watered with some fruit based drink and a bottle or two of rather tasty Saddle Back from Purity. A word to the wise two bottles at 7% was possibly one bottle too many for the ride back into town.

The ride up to Charlecote does involve one rather long if gentle climb, of course the beauty of this is as everyone in the cycling world knows for every “up” there has got to be a “down”. The ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls fairly flew back into Stratford, passing our final destination and popping into Stratford to cause a little more mayhem and confusion and of course paying our respects to The Bard. In all honesty, he looked as confused as everyone else…

Now Pashley are not the sort of business to take people out for a ride then simply cut them loose without a by or leave, after out little group picture we headed back to the waterside for a bit of a knees up with music provided by the sublime Very Mr Keith and any remaining inhibitions over came with liberal sprinklings of Nyetimber fizz and a few more bottles of Saddle Back.

We are sure you all remember “Pass the Parcel” from your childhood, glad to say Pashley have kept the tradition alive with possibly one of the biggest games of Pass the Parcel ever, involving the young and to be honest a fair few people who should know better. The GA do pretty well in these sort of events and it is fair to say we pretty much cleared up with not only a packet of spokey dokes, and a box of stick-on paint effects for our bikes. Some people ended up with a rather nice Pashley scarf or a Princess basket full of goodies, one poor soul even left with a TCP original he had kindly donated to the event.

In addition to our little videogram please find enclosed a few snaps from the day.