31st of May the Pashley Picnic

by Adam on 8, April, 2015

Pashley Picnic

The Pashley Picnic has gained a reputation of a “rather smashing” weekend away, and with the exception of the maiden event the weather has been spot on.

The picnic is a little bit special for a variety of reasons, the Guvnors’ home turf, a rather relaxed feel to the day, pass the parcel, it is the day that keeps giving.

Riding around Stratford Upon Avon is a rather nice experience, setting off from the town centre within a few hundred yards you are in quiet roads, that incidentally are devoid of pot holes and littered with pubs. To avail ourselves of these facilities we plan to meet up on the Saturday about twelve(ish) and take a spin out for a later lunch.

The invitation is of course open to all and we are always open to suggestions as to where to ride.

If you would care to join us on either day or evening please feel free to pop along (although Pashley are charging a very reasonable £15:00) the GA’s only stipulation is you stand your round.

A few snaps from past events;

The rather moist Picnic from 2012 and the rather drier ride in 2013, and finally last year.

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