30 Days of Biking

by Adam on 25, March, 2015

30 Days


Last year a few of the GA and Basket Brigade took part in the “30 Days of Cycling” challenge, Mr Foss appeared to miss-understand the challenge and appeared to be attempting to the moon and back in the month of April, others *cough* covered considerably less.

For an adventure that started off in the colonies it is remarkably GA, quite simply a fellow pledges to ride their bike everyday in the month of April, the trip can be to the bottom of the drive and back or, as in the case of Mr Foss to our nearest planetary body. If a fellow misses a day, no harm done, just pick ones self up by the boot straps and try not to do it again old boy.

We will pop this up on the forum for a touch of mutual support and motivation.

Well, that sounds interesting I’ll give it a go.


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