The Guvnors’ Assembly Cap Super Spring Sale

by Adam on 10, March, 2015

GA cap


Many of you may have seen the legendary GA cap on television or in magazines over the last year and thought “I really would not mind one of those but the weak Pound makes it a little expensive”

Well those lovely people at Red Dots Cycling have a bit of a sale on, if you care to avail yourself of their generous offer quote “SPRING25” for a rather smashing 25% off the price of the cap.

 A few of the chaps of the GA have had the caps for a while now, and every outing they have acquitted themselves with aplomb. The linen/cotton mix make the cap a little lighter and breath a little better than a 100% cotton alternative. They have also aged very well all the detailing is actually sewn and embroidered onto the cap so we have none of those horrible peeling decals that can effect cheaper head attire.

Well that is a lovely offer, I think I just might pick one up.

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Bobby Tash June 13, 2016 at 10:38 am

I would love to attain one of these beauties, but the link sends me to an ‘oops… error’ page. Are these still available? Chin chin


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