The Guvnors Assembly Are Now in Type

by Adam on 12, November, 2014

Hold The Press!

Finally the Gutenberg press has a reason to have been invented, after centuries of turning out irrelevant copy it has finally been put to good use and used to publish two separate articles about the Guvnors’ Assembly.

Back in July the internationally renowned cycling journalist Herr Wolfgang Scherreicks popped over to Blighty to ride the L’Eroica Britannia however the main purpose for his visit was to meet and interview a few of the good fellows and ladies of The Assembly for Radwelt

The second article is in the Velorution magazine, after a chat with John Conod at Pashley, as a preface to an article about Pashley the old chap pointed Gretta Cole, the editor in our direction suggesting we maybe a stylish preface to the preceding Pashley feature.

Obviously it is jolly nice to see the GA in ink, but on top of this the magazine does also include an interview with Steven Bell, Pashley’s new managing director, an interesting read in it’s own right.

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