May 2014

The 2014 Tweed Run with The Guvnors’ Assembly from Guvnors’ Assembly

In May 2014 The Guvnors Assembly accompanied by the lovely Basket Brigade and other good friends of the G.A. packed their bags and headed off to London Town for the 6th Annual Tweed Run.

As ever the organisers had came up with a new route this time starting from the rather impressive Somerset House. The wonderful thing about the GA is you are never stood around for long before a familiar face is seen and a hip flask opened to toast a renewed friendship.

Whilst we were milling around Mr Kenneth arrived chained his Guvnor to a convenient shutter and set off in search of his tickets, shortly after the owners of the shutters decided to open shop and a Double Top Guvnor rose majestically above our heads before coming into contact with the apex of the archway. The abrupt halt of the shutter must have caused a little concern within the building so the shutter was dropped and raised again. After three or four attempts the shutter owner came out to investigate the issue just as Mr Kenneth arrived to reclaim his bike.

Obligatory Tweed Run photograph taken on the court yard at Somerset house and we were away! This years Tweed Run was unusually late in the year with the attendant rise in temperature, if last years event was one of rain sodden tweed this year’s ride was one of stiff upper lip and for the less stoic “permission to remove jacket?”

Riding around the City can be a little fraught at times and it has to be said the marshals do a superb job not only of shepherding we riders but also controlling the traffic with such humor and grace even the most surly cabbie can not get too annoyed.

This year we had a little bit if a first with a tea stop at The Guildhall, as always chat, photographs and cups of “rosie lee” was the order of the day. Suitably refreshed we set off on the second leg along the banks of the Thames taking in some of London’s iconic landmarks, there really is not a better way to see the city.

And then to lunch…

This year we had our picnic in the park at Russell Square, Aunty Maureen was spinning her 78’s, croquet on the lawn and maybe a bottle of something fizzy to help wash the food down with, coupled with the sublime weather it was the perfect way to spend a few hours.

Somehow to the prompts of “ten minutes to go!” we were stirred from our revelry for the third short leg to St James of Clerkenwell a destination eagerly anticipated by the Basket Brigade if only for the reason that new friends of the GA, Pol Roger were providing something cold, wet and fizzy to all those on the ride.

The Tweed Run is the start of the GA’s jollies season as ever the Tweed Run organisers start the season with a rather stylish bang. Getting tickets for the event can be a little bit of a struggle but the consensus is that it really is well worth the effort.

A few snaps from the day  and a few more from a fellow who knows which way around to point a camera Ben Broomfield.


Nefarious Going Ons In That London Town

by Adam on 20, May, 2014

Evening Gentlemen,

We are sure may of you good fellows are on tenterhooks for a few snaps of the Tweed Run and that charming yet esoteric write up we provide. Unfortunately a more pressing issue has risen it’s ugly head.

On the night of the Tweed Run (17th May 2014) four bikes (two Guvnors, a Britannia and a Poppy) were stolen from the bike racks from outside Waterloo Station. Due to the number of bikes stolen and the different in sizes the people involved in the theft must have been planning the crime.

The Guvnors were possibly seen the following day on Brick Lane Market, where not too surprisingly they were snapped up.

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Obviously the low lives that committed the crimes will not return the bikes, if however you have purchased one of these bikes in good faith and would like to see them returned to their rightful owners please drop an email to the Admin email account and you will not be left out of pocket.


tally ho london ride 2014 fp


Last year the Guvnors’ Assembly were the honored guests of Jack from Tally Ho! Cycle Tours officially rated the #2 best thing to do in London (ever – possibly) by Trip Adviser, obviously as we are the GA Jack offered us a tweaked tour taking in the closed public houses of London town and a few gems of the open ones, all in all a grand day out thoroughly enjoyed by everyone on the ride and more than once commented on that it was the highlight of the weekend.

The good news is Jack has been good enough to offer his services again with the promise of a different route, the best pizza ever and the opportunity to sample the wears of a new micro brewery. If you could not make the Tweed Run or just fancy meeting up with everyone for another day of riding with a unique twist you will not go far wrong putting yourself in Jack’s very capable hands.

If you would care to join us for the princely sum of a tenner (or a few quid an hour) we shall be at The Walrus looking to set off approximately 10:30 ante meridian (ish)


Chapeau – Literally

May 2, 2014 Attire

After the tireless negotiations between Mrs A, and those exceedingly nice chaps at Red Dots Cycling we have for your delectation the official Guvnors’ Assembly cycling cap. Handmade in our North American colony out of 55% linen and 45% cotton the cap has a rather nice feel to it, and after receiving a sample the fit […]

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