April 2014

Win a Guv’nor And Pick It Up In France

by Adam on 19, April, 2014

Anjou Vintage

We at The Assembly will be the first to admit that this little competition is a little like taking coals to Newcastle but let us not forget some fellows and indeed ladies are not so fortunate as we the majority, and feel the not owning of a Guvnor is a bar from membership to the GA (For the record the correct frame of mind and broad shoulders are of much greater value than the actual bike).

So if you fancy your chances and

  • A Pashley Guv’nor (3 speed, 22″ frame)
  • 2 x entries to the Sunday ride on 29th June (choosing from 30, 55 or 90km)
  • 1 nights hotel accommodation on Saturday 28th June for 2 people (twin or double)
  • A days vintage bicycle rental for the winner’s companion
  • … and £250 towards your transport to France!

Then this unusually generous competition could be just the door you are looking for.

I really would care for a spangly new Pashley Guvnor don’t forget to tell them that ‘I would like to pedal a Pashley along the lovely Loire’ in the subject.



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