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by Adam on 18, January, 2014



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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Well it’s the start of a New Year and so I suppose it’s time we started turning our minds to a few rides. We shall of course be asking you wonderful people for a few suggestions for Jollies next year, it is after all theses rides that make the GA what it is. There are however a few foolhardy characters who enjoy outing the Guvnor through paces that the Guvnor should never be out through.

We’ve sat together in a dark room and pulled together this list, it is by no means definitive but if you do decide to pop along there will be at least one other Guvnor to keep you company.

1st March 2014 – The Wiggle No Excuses

A fairly early start to the season but Dodger has assured us that the route is flat and will be very Guvnor Friendly

Unfortunately this is now sold out, but it’s not unknown for Wiggle to find a few extra tickets and release them before the start of the event.

A few more details can be found here.

27th April – Ride It! Cheshire Sportive

A little bit of an unknown number this one, it does however come on the recommendation of Mr Plus 5 from the club. I think it is safe to say the event would be similar to one of the GA’s traditional Holly Run’s, except a bit longer… and no café stops… or pub stops.

That nice Mr Evans has popped some information up

4th May 2014 – Wheels in Wheels Spring Classic

Bit of a lumpy chap this so we are planning on doing the shorter 60 mile spin, although they are also planning a family friendly 20 miler on the Saturday for everyone.

The 10th anniversary of this ride and the organisers are planning on having a little bit of a “do” to celebrate.

After the GA’s Stirling effort at their Pain on the Plane event last year the organisers have offered us five free places on the event for “Keeping the spirit of cycling alive” possibly the best description of the GA’s attitude to sportive we have ever had. To keep this fair if more than five people would like to do the ride we’ll share the entry fee equally amongst us.

My interest has been piqued please tell me more?

11th May 2014 – The Financial Time London Cycle Sportive

A little light on information on this one having never ridden the event. Mr McF trotted along on the event last year and fancies testing his metal on the 100 miler, I’m sure the fellow would be happy to have some company (if it helps he does a wonderful line in flapjacks)

I enjoy riding my bike in that London

22 June 2014 – L’Eroica BritanniaOr the Erotica as it is rapidly becoming know as.

Another lumpy one we’re afraid but there is no way on God’s earth we can miss the event, even for none riders the three day event promises to be that little bit special with the promise of artisan food markets and the sponsorship from a rather tasty brewery  .

Registration is a little bit “Italian” at the moment but it’s first time out for the organisers and it all adds to the flavour.

Per favore dimmi di più?

6th July 2014 – Wiggle Wight Ferry Sportive

It would not be summer if we did not have at least one Sportive in the New Forrest, this one has the little treat of a ferry journey over to the IoW. We rode this event in 2012 apart from the biblical rain and Mr Dodgers extremely low pain threshold a superb ride (The memory maybe slightly rose tinted due to the Cornetto we were issued with at the finish line).

I do like to be beside the seaside

11th – 13th July 2014 – A L’Ancienne,

Another new one on the block, but the event has got it’s own beer and even the “Epic” is not overly epic.

The fellows appear to have the right frame of mind when reading their event rules; What’s out? – Being too serious

A L’Ancienne

September 2014

At the moment we have choice of two rides on the cards:

The Manchester 100 – Usually in the first weekend of September a massive event ridden by just about everyone in the Manchester area on any bike they happen to have at the time. A few of the GA rode the event in 2013

The Tour of Britain Sportive – No dates as of yet but the ride usually takes place in Stoke on Trent on the first weekend in September. Another event the GA have worn the colours at and it has to be said we were made a little bit of a fuss of us

25th October 2014 – Wiggle Circuit Breaker

Starting at Silverstone Racing Circuit the Circuit Breaker is the wind down to the season for the GA with rolling terrain, although the fellows on last ride did mention it was a little chilly towards the end of the day.

So that is about it, if you would fancy a bit of company on any sportive that we have not mentioned please feel free to shout up, we are more than happy to pop the details up here and in the calendar.

If you fancy putting your toe in the sportive water please feel free to tag along, the challenge is to complete the ride not to get a gold medal. We’ve never left a man behind and to the best of our knowledge no-one has actually died as a result of injuries received on a ride.

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