October 2013

The 2013 Guvnors’ Assembly Holly Run

by Adam on 21, October, 2013

urban holly 2013


Well, the dark night are coming in, the weather is beginning to turn for the worse, so this can only mean one thing time for the Guvnors’ Assembly Holly Run. This year the ride, for a little bit of a change is going to head off into the city, hopefully taking in a few of the sites en-route.

As we are all grownups it’s hardly for us to tell you Gentlemen what to do but if we may make a few suggestions?

  • We will be riding and stopping in the city so bringing a lock would be advisable, although we usually have enough hardware to secure the Guvnors
  • As far as possible we shall attempt to be back at Head Quarters before dark, but we are all aware of the “one last pint” so if you have lights bring them along
  • Please don’t attempt to pop any of the natives into your Carradice and take home for a souvenir, in their own environment the Mancunian is a pleasant enough creature, docile even but time again it has been proven that moving them south can result in a rather unpleasant outcome.

If you fancy a little chat people over on the Forum are scheming as we write. Hopefully we shall see you in a month or so.

One final little question, of the Saturday evening would you good hearts care to take a 10 minute train journey and dine in the city or back at camp in Heaton Chapel?


The Guvnors’ Assembly Have Been Published

by Adam on 15, October, 2013

my cool bike

Those of you Ladies and Gentlemen with a good memory maybe able to cast your minds back to the “London Bike and Ale” ride last July where aside from the torrential rain that unsuccessfully tried to dampen our spirits we met up with the author and cyclist Mr. Chris Haddon along with the photographer for the project Mr. Lyndon McNeil, these gentlemen were at the time, gathering material for a new book entitled “My Cool Bike” with an aim to provide an “inspirational guide to bikes and bike culture”

Now, obviously any tome that features the illustrious Guvnors’ Assembly can not be all bad, but after the initial flick through to page 50 and admiring the sartorial elegance and the boyish good looks of the GA, a fellow makes himself comfortable, pours a glass of good Port and leafs through the remaining 156 pages quickly realising  that the book is actually rather an interesting read and well worth the pouring of a few more drinks.

The subjects are split naturally by the fall of the page and illustrated with a plethora of well photographed images and accompanied by a narrative provided by Mr Haddon. It should also be mentioned at this juncture the good author has excelled himself in his subject matter. Usually with graphical cycle style books authors have problems traveling beyond of the M25, on this occasion not only has the author travelled around the UK gathering material but the fellow has actually got on his virtual cycle and travelled the world in search of interesting subjects.

As this is a proper book if your interest has been piqued you may purchase the book from a physical book shop or, if one is suitably connected from an “on-line” shop such as these purveyors of literature or other companies such like companies who are not so keen on paying tax.



L’Eroica Britannia

by Adam on 8, October, 2013

l'eroica britannia


Well we have all heard about it, talked about it and made excuses as to why we can not do it, the Guvnors Assembly are happy to inform you that a whole new library of excuses need to be found. On the 20th to the 22nd of June in official partnership with L’eroica, L’Eroica Britannia is coming to our Green and Pleasant Land.

Using the home of the tart, Bakewell, in the Peak District as a base for a three day festival of bikes, food, drink and culminating on the Sunday a spot of riding in what some would call the finest ‘cycling country in Blighty. If you fellows have ever wanted to ride on the same roads as British cycling greats Reg Harris, Beryl Burton, not forgetting latterly the first British Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins and cycling’s unsung great Gent Cyclist then this is a perfect opportunity.

The rules permit the Guvnor, in fact if one cares to peruse them, a caveat can be found that appears to positively encourage the Guvnor, riding in the Peak District does require a little fortitude and maybe the occasional use of the ultimate bail out gear but by and large it has all previously been ridden on a Guvnor (although maybe not in a single outing), as the official site states “This is your opportunity to participate in history”, participating in history should never be too easy.

So gentlemen, care to stretch your legs a little?


The Colours

October 1, 2013 Accessories

Occasionally in the evening at Assembly Manor you may hear in reverend tones reference to “The Colours”, to date this has always a dignified allusion to our Merino Wool cycle jerseys, Mr Fossil has however now gone a step further. A request was raised with the Art Department for suitable artwork the artwork checked, the […]

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