The Guvnors’ Assembly Ride the Manchester 100

by Adam on 24, September, 2013

The beginning of September in the Grim North is, since time immemorial marked by the Manchester 100, not a Sportive as such but a massed cycle ride with upwards of 4000 riders taking part in the ride.

A hundred miler is never going to be easy but heading out into Cheshire towards Chester does offer very Guvnor friendly riding, with enough undulation to keep it interesting without actually reducing the rider to tears.

On this jolly Mr. Adam and Mr. Dodger are old hands on the Guvnor long distance ride we did however on this occasion have the esteemed Mr. Cycling Photographer riding with us, after months of casual “Out of interest how fast do you go?”, “Is the Manchester 100 hilly?”  and maybe a little gentle persuasion, he signed on the dotted line and made the trip up from the ‘wolds.

After a quick warm up spin to the start in Wythenshaw Park and we were released with a group of approximately one hundred riders on our little odyssey.

Riding the Guvnor in these events usually creates a little bit of a stir, we were however in the North where people are naturally friendly and folks will stop for a chap regardless, if possible this effect was highlighted even further by Mr Photographer wearing a beret.

On the outskirts of Tatton Park a fellow with a particularly broad accent started quizzing Mr. Photographer as to “What’s it all about?” to which Mr. Photographer offered him £10 and told him to treat the children. Mr Adam and Mr Dodger offered a translation service from that point on.

Riding the Guvnor on a Big ‘un it’s not unusual for a few cyclist on more modern equipment to be able to gain an advantage on the hills, this particular weekend was the first time we have ever been passed by a young chap on a unicycle, not to be seen again until the finish line, a short quick conversation ensued and we decided he must be going really quickly.

A little before Delamere Forest we met up with Mr Wooster and his son (who indecently is starting to look very professional on a bike), even though the fellows were astride bikes with more than one gear and a strange plastic type material it was good to catch up with Mr Booster, although an opportunity was missed when we went off piste and found the Ice Cream farm by mistake.

Miles passed, undulations ridden up and occasionally down until eventually we ended up at the finish, showing although not inconsiderable will power was shown at final feed station/pub when Mr Dodger popped into a public house to re-charge his bidon and re-emerged to tell us, “It’s warm in there and they have got pints of beer lined up”

The end of the Manchester 100 is always a bit special, riding through the park with a commentator welcoming every finisher over the line and the wonderful warm applause from earlier finishers and families still waiting for their cyclist to complete the circuit.

Of course the GA rider of the day (Uni-Cyclist not withstanding) has got to be Mr Cycling Photographer, his first ton for a few years and on a single ratio continuously variable speed Guvnor. Chapeau Sir!

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Dodger (FKA EmGee CeCe) September 24, 2013 at 10:28 pm

Not going to mention the dwarf then ?


fossil September 24, 2013 at 10:36 pm

There was a dwarf ?


Adam September 25, 2013 at 8:00 pm

So there was a dwarf, after being overtaken by a Unicyclist I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating.


Dodger (FKA EmGee CeCe) September 26, 2013 at 6:12 am

Hell of a climber…..


The Cycling Photographer September 25, 2013 at 7:45 am

It’s amazing what the body can do with will power and impeccable support from colleagues. I highly recommend taking part in the ‘slightly’ longer rides with the likes of Mr.Adam & Mr.Dodger. Thank you both very much for a day I shall cherish for many years.


Adam September 25, 2013 at 8:01 pm

An absolute pleasure to ride with you Sir, here’s to the next one.


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