The Guvnors’ Assembly Return from Wild in the ‘wolds – Sunday

by Adam on 9, September, 2013

Ox Sheds

Sunday morning with slightly think heads and couple of extra fellows found (welcome Frosty and Nobby), a shorter ride had been arranged, but what a day! Even by GA standards it was all a bit David Lynch at times.

Riding out from the Bull stopping for a quick photo shoot at the Ox stalls the results of which Mr TCP has already published we headed off towards The Red Lion. Public Houses like this are a rare and unfortunately disappearing gem, bought by Tetbury Brewery in 1851 John the current landlord, is only the fourth fellow to run this establishment, as such his character is well and truly embedded not only into the atmosphere of the building but also the two different types of Tim Taylor’s. If you ever happen to be passing during opening hours pop in for a pint, this is not a pastiche period pub it is a pub from a different age.

Now as most of you are aware the ladies and gentlemen of the GA aren’t particularly big drinkers but they are not ones to insult their host and so stepped up and tested the beer several times. The highlight of the visit was John coming out to have his photograph taken with the rather handsome Team Attired fellows of the GA, although if truth be told he did seem to have a bigger smile on his face when he had his photo call surrounded by the Basket Brigade.

Finally off to the final treat of the weekend; Poulton Village Fete, yet again Mrs TCP had pulled a few strings and arranged for free entry into the event, however I am sure you are all aware of the saying “There is no such thing as a free lunch”…

It started innocuously enough with the organisers asking Mr TCP and Mr Adam if they would pop up to the Organisers tent and give a few words over the public address system to the assembled masses about who and what we are, half an hour later after a rather unseemly scrabble on the floor the Compare managed to wrestle the microphone back off Mr TCP, although it must be said Mr TCP did give a very good account of himself and if it wasn’t for an unfortunate slip resulting in his feet becoming entwined in the microphone cable I am sure he would have won the match.

A few minutes later we were asked if we would ride our bikes around the event arena, this request was made several times before we believed the fellow, so shortly after the massively talented Highland Dances finished their piece and in front of a fair few members of the public we went out and did two circuits and left before the ground swallowed us up, all to polite, bemused applause.

Finally as is usual in a Village Fete the Tug-of-War was the last event of the day, undaunted by our rank amateur approach to all requests to date, yet again we were approached by the organisers and asked if we would field a team, what followed could only be described as a rout. Immediately after the start was called Mr Dodger showed an ability to hang off the rope in a manner that would make Cornelius jealous. In the meantime our Anchor Man “Little Dave” appeared blissfully unaware of what was involved neatly passing the rope through whilst singing his favourite Gilbert and Sullivan arias to anyone who would listen.

If we can draw one thing from this debacle, it proves what a Stirling bunch of gents the GA are, not a man woman or child present would have thought it out of order to use the still warm rope to tie Mr Dodger and Little Dave up and drag them around the showground as penance for their woeful showing.

As is usual at theses weekends people had to start making their way home and our evening meal was a little more subdued than the previous nights although the strangeness did not actually stop until the latch was dropped on our room doors.

Thank you to everyone for making the effort and coming on these little jollies. Welcome Mr and Mrs Little Dave, wonderful to meet you both I do hope we see you both again.

Finally thank you to our wonderful hosts and organisers Mr and Mrs Cycling Photographer. Mrs Cyclist had many a quiet word over the course of the weekend to ensure things were “just so”

Until next time Ladies and Gentlemen.

Our snaps

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Little Dave September 9, 2013 at 10:21 pm

Again, many thanks to Mr and Mrs Cycling Photographer for organising such a splendid weekend. And how can I forget the GA and basket brigade. You made myself and Mrs Little Dave very welcome. A rare treat in this day and age.
Thanks to you all from us both.


The Cycling Photographer September 10, 2013 at 9:26 am

That brings it all back. A wonderful summation as only Mr.Adam could do. A true wordsmith. Well, if you are all up for it next next, Mrs.F and I would love to arrange another. Sign up here:

; )


Little Dave September 10, 2013 at 6:03 pm

Dear Mr and Mrs Cycling Photographer,
Yes please and thank you.
Will endeavour to add weight training and “bulking up” to my Winter regime.
I think I may try out my version of “Seven brides for seven brothers” if we get a chance to visit the fete again. Don’t wish to be labeled a one trick pony.

Best regards,
Little Dave.


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