The 3rd Velo Vintage Bicycle Occasion

by Adam on 11, June, 2013

3rd Velo Vintage

This weekend, those thoroughly entertaining chaps Alastair and Seb Cope are running the 3rd Velo Vintage cycle ride in the seaside town of Exmouth.

This years little do is a little bigger but looking at the number of supporters the good fellows have enticed on board in support, it also appears to be a little better. To put “a little better” into context, at the last event our impeccable hosts hospitality only just stopped short at offering a place at their fireside whilst smoking their personal, favorite Briar after decanting a bottle of ’77 Grahams they just happened to be saving for a special occasion.

The ride is rather close to the Pashley Picnic, but the day really is worth making the effort. If you have not been on the Pashley Picnic, then you really should make some excuse to pack the old Globetrotter for the weekend and head on down, or over. If you were on the Pashley Picnic, well it is summer you really should make the most of the weather whilst it lasts.

As for the Sunday, if you are not planning on shooting off we are planning a ride around the Exe Estuary, finishing back in Exmouth to watch a little more entertainment lined up by the Cope’s

A few images from last year

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