April 2013

Cross in Chichester

by Adam on 30, April, 2013



Mays’ Guvnors’ Assembly jolly has been very kindly organised by Mr. Fossil in the ancient Roman town of Chichester, a little hillier than our usual GA jaunts Mr Fossil has done his level best to ensure that the traditional start, middle and finish refreshments stops are of the type of quality usually Royalty and Overseas visitors.

Now we do not want people to get the impression that the GA are fuelled by hops, but we do take our liquid intake as seriously as our cycling, the mantra often heard on a club ride “Drink before you are thirsty”

As usual a few members of the GA shall start congregating on the Friday evening in preparation starting from Chichester Cross at 10:30, we should say prompt but by the time we’ve had a chat, fixed bikes and actually got moving it may be a little later. If you would like my contact details “just in case” please feel free to get in touch and I am more than happy to provide my mobile communications device telephone number.

Finally Sussex Bob has been good enough to provide a list of accommodation in the vicinity of the start, The Nags Hotel, The George and Dragon Inn and then the usual suspects Travelodge and finally a Premier Inn.

So until May adieu fair riders, if you want to have a little chat about the weekend a few stout fellows are talking about it over here


The 2013 Pashley Picnic Ride

by Adam on 23, April, 2013

Pashley Picnic

As many of us in this Sceptred Isle may recall June 2012 was Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee, you may also remember it rained somewhat.

To mark this auspicious occasion Pashley Cycles put on their first Pashley Picnic, please feel free to re-live the maiden event here, the good news is Pashley in association with the Traditional Cycle Shop are planning another event wonderful event;

“After the fun and frivolity of last year’s first ever ‘Pashley Picnic Ride’, Pashley Cycles, in association with The Traditional Cycle Shop, would like to invite Pashley owners to participate again this year!

Pack a picnic and join us on Sunday June 2nd 2013 for a gentle bike ride, followed by a delightful picnic in the park beside the River Avon. It is all about taking a relaxing ride and having some fun.

On the day, we will ride through Stratford’s historic town centre and then go for a few miles along quiet lanes through lovely countryside to one of Warwickshire’s historic houses. Then it will be a short spin back to Stratford-upon-Avon to picnic by the river.

To add to the fun, we greatly encourage you to dress from a cycling era of your choice (from the 1920s to modern day), or simply fly the union flag.

There will be some live music & light entertainment during the picnic and as the afternoon progresses, some fine tea and cakes will be provided. We should ask you to bring a picnic of your choice and blanket to sit on by the riverside.

We shall have a free prize draw towards the end of the day, for which Pashley are providing some amazing gifts.

Do come and join us, it will be great fun!

Yours faithfully,


And finally a few photographs from last years event to whet your appetite, hopefully we shall get the opportunity to ride out again, it is after all Pashley Country.


The 2013 Tweed Run

by Adam on 16, April, 2013

Guvnors Assembly Tweed Run 2013

Starting in 2009 the Tweed Run is now on it’s fifth birthday, in what has became the un-official start of the jolly nice cycle season the event was as usual massively over subscribed. We have all seen people riding through the winter months but really, is there any need?

The turnout for the GA was really rather good, the kind donation of a few spare tickets, a few back room electronic mail messages passed around and not forgetting to mention a few international flights purchased, we managed a jolly respectable head count. It was also jolly nice to see our friends from Velo Vintage and finally meet Nic from Vickers Bikes, and it should be made clear this was not just because he promised us alcohol.

This years ride set off from the University College of London heading off on possibly one of the best routes to date, for the out of towners and the not so cynical London types it was jolly nice to see some of the sites, and I think it may be said judging by the crowds of people lining the roads we provided a rather pleasant aspect for onlookers.

A slightly longer lunch than usual was held at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, with a spiffing picnic provided by Fynch and a jolly pleasant sounds of a quartet in the central bandstand. Inevitably, when the words “picnic” and “England” are mentioned in the same breath, along with the incantation “it doesn’t look too bad” it started to rain, little did we know compared with the later offering from the Rain God’s they were merely toying with we mere mortals.

After lunch we were marshalled by the err… marshals, thankful the drizzle had eased off and set of on the final part of the run. Then, about with about one mile to go it rained with enough force to have got Noah reaching for his brolly. Rain Capes were quickly un-packed while the more (fool) hardy pushed on to the Star of Kings public house and final destination.

It must be said at this point that I have never smelt so much damp vintage tweed in one place at the same time, it was quite an assault on the olfactory senses. The rather close atmosphere was made somewhat more bearable by the liberal quantities of Gin and Soda being handed out.

To cap the ride off at the after ride awards our very own Mr Corky won a rather nice Pashley bag for “Best Bike”. Congratulations Sir! I think given the circumstances that the bike was not technically a Guvnor can be overlooked as we shall claim the Silverware for our virtual trophy cabinet.

Thanks must go to the organisers of the Tweed Run, at times it must seem like a thankless task but it really is appreciated.

Finally, as is only polite, welcome Dr Jon. You are a Gentleman and near to being an English man a fellow from across the Pond can be. If the Tweed Run was offering a prize for “Most Flag Waving” you would have cycled away with it.

The little montage that made the little clip up is now on Flickr, and available for download from here