February 2013

Testing One’s Mettle

by Adam on 21, February, 2013

Testing Ones Mettle

As we are sure a few of you are aware The Guvnors’s Assembly has a should know better arm, these fellows a few times through the year feel the need to stretch their Plus Fours and ride one or two competitive (in name) events. Obviously because the GA are involved the rides involve starting early, finishing late and always as a group.

The challenge comes from riding inappropriate distances on inappropriate bikes. We try to keep the weekends to a basic ethos usually camping the night before for the further events with a near by public house for tea.

To date we have earmarked a couple of events:

The New Forest Rattler on the 18th of August, Mistress Brim and a few other fellows have already signed up for the jaunt. By all accounts this a rather jolly affair with a good feel to it.

The second event on the Dance Card is the Pain on the Plain earmarked for the 7th of July, this event is run in parts on M.o.D land not normally open to the public, the interest for the GA are the Strade Bianchi parts of the course. All proceeds from the event go to the SSAFA instead of the usual suspects which makes a jolly nice change.

Of course between now and the end of the year a few more “good ideas” may be had.


“No Batteries Required”.

by The Cycling Photographer on 13, February, 2013



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Why Say Anymore?

by The Cycling Photographer on 5, February, 2013