January 2013

Time to get the Diary Out

by Adam on 30, January, 2013


Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

Early day we know but before we know it Spring will be upon us and we will be running around like Dervishes trying to organise rides. While this seemed to work it would  be nice if we could get the Conway Stewart’s out and put a few circles around a few dates in our diaries.

Over the past months we have been consolidating rides and events, we do however still have several months free. Whilst I am sure we can fill the dates we would welcome suggestions from you chaps to help fill the dates with some of your favourite Guvnor friendly rides.

We are sure you know the format, about thirty miles one day incorporating a tea stop and a second food stop. Nothing too taxing as anyone who wishes to push themselves a bit are more than welcome to join us on a Sportive.

April  – Traditionally this has been the Tweed Run month but after the difficulty getting enough places for us to make a decent showing it is probably fair to think we will encounter similar issues this year (even assuming it is being held)

A possible option is for us to meet up in London anyway and have our own little jolly. After the Tweed Run concludes we meet up with any fellows lucky enough to have obtain a place on the excursion. This option will need a chap familiar with the Capital to guide the out of towners any offers would be greatly appreciated.

18/19h May (Confirmed) – The Good Egg Mr Fossil has kindly offered to take us around his back garden on the South Coast starting in Chichester

June 8th/9th (Confirmed)The Black Country Museum a living museum situated in the Black Country, the destination and date are set at the moment preliminary plans are to stay in Cannock Chase and ride along the canals to the museum. A small entry fee will be charged.

June 16th (Confirmed)Our good friends Velo Vintage are putting on one of their delightful do’s. Details are a little light at the moment but we can be sure of a warm welcome.

July – Suggestions very much appreciated?

August – The  redoubtable Mr and Mrs Cycling Photographer are at present in high level talks regarding a possible event in the ‘wolds.

September – Again suggestions very much appreciated?

October-Of course suggestions very much appreciated?

November 9th/10th– Holly Run

December 7th/8th– The second Velo Vintage event of the year, this time with a festive twist.

So there you have it, at the moment we have no news of another Pashley Picnic, although it may be nice to have one of the open months as a weekend at the home of the Guvnor?

A little like the ending of a rather poor 1980’s horror film a final note, it would be nice if we could spread the rides between the North and South of this fair island, we appreciate not everyone can make a full weekend away so it would be good to spread the locations around a little.

Thanks you.


An Image for Mobile Communications Device

by Adam on 21, January, 2013

Telephone Desktop


Over at the Guvnors Assembly it has been a quiet old week, the onset of the third Ice Age has resulted in a little curtailing of activities, and the Devil has indeed found a little bit of work for idle hands, sub zero temperatures and a little Pink Gin resulted in the above.

Please feel free to pop it on your communications device if you should so wish, the basic image can be found here if it needs a little bit of a tinkle please let us know?



The EH Works Tool Roll

by Adam on 14, January, 2013

Mopha Tool Roll


Occasionally when a fellow is “on the rivet” the ubiquitous Carradice can be a little excessive. A point that I am happy to be argued down on, after all should a fellow ever leave his front door without a Thermos and a Hip Flask of his favourite tipple? I digress.

Supposing the Good Man has decided he is going for a quick spin around his grounds and wishes to travel light for whatever reason? May I then draw to his attention the EH Works Tool Roll? Made from waxed cotton with leather trim it is just big enough to unobtrusively carry the essentials (sans Hip Flask)  when it is secured via a leather toe strap to the underside of ones saddle. At this junction I would like to point out that a little care must be taken here to ensure it is adequately nestled against the seat post to prevent it working lose?

Having said that the roll has been used in all sorts of weathers as it is easily swapped between bikes and it has never actually fallen off and the waxing does do a rather good job of keeping the contents dry.

As the the Hip Flask? I am afraid it has to go in the jersey pocket, after all sacrifices can occasionally be made, but standards must always be maintained.

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Fennel’s Journal

January 6, 2013 Accessories

A little while before Christmas, Assembly Towers had an electronic letter drop onto our virtual door mat, it was a short note from a Mr Nigel ‘Fennel’ Hudson, introducing himself and asking if perhaps I may be interested in bringing his Journal to the attention of the Ladies and Gentlemen from the Assembly? Interest piqued, […]

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