October 2012

Crispin’s Day Night Ride, The Aftermath

by Adam on 29, October, 2012

Crispin Front Page

It ‘s not often the journey to the start of a little ride merits a mention, however I think in this instance a little indulgence is needed.

With only three riders brave enough to take on the latest “good idea” Mr Fossil, Mrs Adam (from the Basket Brigade) and your humble narrator, we rendezvoused at Euston Train Station taking a rather circuitous route to the start of the ride the Thames Barrier, unfortunately whilst our navigator had indeed delivered us to the Thames Barrier several hundred yards of water separated us from the start point on the other side of the river Thames.

Fortunately a pair of St Crispins’s cyclist local to the area happened to be making their way to the start after finding their original route blocked. A brief conversation and an invitation to join their quest of an alternative route, one we were happy to take up. It became clear fairly quickly that the only viable route that would get us to the start anywhere near midnight was the Blackwall Tunnel a car only link under the Thames. Perched by the side of the road the traffic did not appear that fast, the decision was made, to cry God for Harry, England and Saint George mount our steeds and charged the tunnel.

The first few hundred yards were fairly pleasant, warm, well lit and a gradual downwards gradient allowing us to keep pace not much slower than the lorries over taking us. The next section was a little stiffer, what with the tunnel levelling off and the Carbon Monoxide fumes taking the edge off our performance. The incline was the most challenging Mrs Adam’s legs were beginning to slow a little, your humble narrator shouting words of encouragement over the noise of engines, tyres and horns (I assume the horns were also in encouragement) and Mr Fossil holding a gallant rear guard action against a forty ton articulated lorry. As a point of order we have to assume the size of the lorry as at no point at any time did any of us venture to see what was happening behind us.

Yes, but did you actually go anywhere?


“And Now, Some Sunshine”

by The Cycling Photographer on 29, October, 2012

Chapeau to our gallant riders who took part in the St.Crispins Night Ride. I’m sure, when recovered, a report of epic proportion will be posted here. Until then, a little sunshine to brighten the shorter winter days.


Vin Cent

by The Cycling Photographer on 22, October, 2012

Good luck to our intrepid members taking part in the 100 mile St.Crispin’s Day Ride, through the dark hours. Me, unable to attend I’m afraid. However, I will think of you all whilst I venture 400 meters to my local shop and buy a bottle of claret and toast your efforts!


One More Slice

October 16, 2012 Jollies

As befitting a ride organised by the Swiss even the sun made a timely appearance for the Guvnors Assembly Swiss Roll. Unfortunately your humble narrator was not able to join the soiree until the Saturday evening so Mr MGcC has kindly forwarded a missive to Assembly Towers for the days events: On the Saturday a […]

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The New Forest In Autumn.

October 8, 2012 Jollies

Countdown to the New Forest ‘Swiss Roll’ ride!

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