August 2012

“Scrumpy for the lads, cream teas for the maids!”

by The Cycling Photographer on 28, August, 2012


Le Rostbif Sont à Venir

by Adam on 21, August, 2012

The French Revolution

The Guvnors’ Assembly (Should know better arm) had their first mass overseas expedition this August the 19th, please find enclosed our humble recount of the day’s events when four jolly Rostbif travelled over the English Channel to spread entente cordiale with our French Cousins.

Headquarters were established in the corner of a field in Kent, after a Fish and Chip supper we tucked ourselves up in our cots, soothed by the music from a distant saxophone dreaming of Vin Rouge and baguettes.

Revelry has sounded at 4:15 ante meridian and the Guvnors’ sprang into action packing kit and preparing for the first leg of out trip and pleasant pre-sunrise ride down into the town of Dover where we are marshalled before being led out along the harbour to the ferry. After a breakfast of champions we discussed team tactics, alighted on foreign soil and began the ride proper. Please Sir, do go on…


The Swiss Mission

by Adam on 15, August, 2012

Swiss Monatge

Our Mr MGcC spent the weekend doing what many of our Assembly members do with a spare weekend on their summer vacations – riding a Guvnor… however he was not riding his usual Derbyshire lanes, but had ventured further afield, in fact much further afield. His weekend was spent riding on the White chalk cycle tracks of Zurich in the shadows of the Alps themselves. What is more, he was not riding his own Guvnor either ! Having spent a number of weeks debating and discussing the logistics of how to move a 32lb Guvnor across half of Europe, a possible audacious alternative had been thought of.

With embryonic feelers sent out from Assembly Towers, we sat back and thought no more of the possible plan… then to the astonishment of all concerned, a message was received back from a Zurich bicycle emporium Zweiradgeber that they would possibly be able, with help from the Pashley importer Diverso, to source a Guvnor for a weekend !

The GA’s own Swiss Bob was despatched to discuss with the owner of Zweiragber, the splendid Mr Miro Kondres, details of the cunning GA plan… A few days later, and Mr MGcC found himself on an exploratory mission, GA Jersey, Bob Parrat Tweed cap and Dromati cycle shoes safely stowed in his ruck sack, he was on route to Zurich airport for a rendezvous with the chaps of the Zweiradgeber.

The Assembly has received MGcC’s personal communication as follows:

Unwrap the Toblerone


‘Cheese & Wine, Anyone?’

August 14, 2012 Jollies

Across The Channel, France awaits a crowd of dapper chaps from GREAT BRITAIN. They have heard of you but will pretend not to have done, recently. Fly the flag gentlemen, and show our continental friends how cycling is done with a flourish of ‘Gold’. Members at home await the reports on your safe return. Please […]

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‘And Now, The End Is Near…….’

August 11, 2012 Musings

Well, after the victorious win by Bradley Wiggins in le Tour and the incredible results from Team GB at the Olympics, we’re dreading going into cold turkey after all of the excitement! What does one do after such a sensory explosion of adrenalin? GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE! ‘Never before have so few inspired […]

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Hail Queen Victoria!

August 9, 2012 Musings


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The Most Beautiful Formation. In The World!

August 7, 2012 Musings

Well, I suppose the streets of London are now really paved with gold!

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