The Pie and a Pint Ride

by Adam on 17, July, 2012

Pie and Ale Montage

Rides organised on The Guvnors’ Assembly seem to involve copious amounts of precipitation at some point in the weekend, unfortunately I am pleased to report that this tradition was upheld yet again. If I am honest it is one we can manage without, but yet again despite the weather’s best efforts spirits were resolutely high for the duration of the day.

At 11:30 ante-meridian we met outside the Blue Lion, pockets jangling with a shilling or two for a pint. We were unsure whether the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Assembly had been viewed with a cautious eye, or perhaps and more likely the Public House was net open, regardless we were unable to gain ingress. With the rapid thinking expected from a Gentleman of The Assembly Mr Frosty suggested we retire to The Peckenham Arms and start the day.

Next stop The Windsor Castle (Public House not Royal Residence), here we were met by the lovely Madam T and Mr Fenrir, we were joined shortly afterwards by a few of the Chaps from Tally Ho! Cycle Tours fresh back from a tour.

The plan at this point was to implement the “Pie”aspect of the weekend before moving on. It was also at this point of the sky decided to empty the remaining contents of it’s clouds. Some ne’er do well Public Houses may be accused of watering the beer down, I think this maybe the first instance of food being watered down. Those of us with pies provided the ideal receptacle for catching the rain, whilst other eating food of a piscine nature had their work cut out preventing it from making a break for freedom.

Once the weather let up a few we nipped outside for a few photographs for Chris Haddon’s new book about the diverse world of bicycles and their owners. Media tarting done the Troops rallied and we set off for the Lamb and Flag off Garrick Street, guided by Mr Jack. I’m fairly sure we may have taken a short-cut through Her Maj’s back garden, by now the weather had broken and we were able to enjoy a few pints in the sun listening to the sounds of London.

All too soon it was time for the final leg back to the Peckenham Arms a cheese board and the largest selection of crisps since Mr Linacre sold his private collection, a few more pints, then for those of us returning to our native towns time for the train home.

The ride could never have happened without Mr Frosty carefully inspecting each pub and planning the route. Thank you Sir. A special thanks must also go to Mr Jack for organising a ride on the Sunday. To everyone else thank you for the good company and cheer, it made for a great day out.


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