The Wight Ferry Sportive

by Adam on 10, July, 2012


On the 8th of July three intrepid riders from The Guvnors’ Assembly set out on the Epic (Their words not ours) “Wiggle Wight Ferry” sportive, an outing as memorable for the Met Office extreme weather warnings as the actual ride itself.

Mr MGcC and I arrived at the rendezvous point in the New Forest to pitch camp and establish ourselves for the early start on the Sunday morning, fortunately for we city boys Mr Fossil had already set up camp the previous day with his good lady wife and Brother in Law, with some suitable advice along with hands on help from Mr Fossil a suitable piece of high ground was selected and our tent was erected with a speed and efficiency we could only have dreamt of otherwise. We were then treated to an evening meal I would have been happy to eat at home, never mind one produced under canvas. Thank you for the wonderful food and company.

Most of the night we were treated to various sounds of rain from subtle finger taps to handfuls of gravel, and to be honest it was with a little apprehension we climbed out of our tent to be greeted with a largely blue sky.

Starting off from Brockenhurst we had a pleasant amble through the New Forest making our way towards the Ferry Terminal at Lymington and the altogether stiffer riding on the Isle of Wight over next four hours with the ultimate challenge of the Military Road a long hill made a all the easier with fellow cyclist shouting “allez, allez, allez” as we passed, admittedly they were repairing a puncture at the time, but it is a rare occasion and therefore one to note.

We were soon back at the ferry and alighting again in the New Forest for the remainder of the ride, which, after the trials of Isle of Wight was a rather pleasant end to the ride with a pleasing downhill run back into Brokenhurst, to be congratulated and awarded the ever so important medal.

As ever the Bikes performed faultlessly, the old adage “Slow and steady wins the race” may not completely ring true, but it does charm fellow cyclist, help strike conversations up at every opportunity and help make a race into a social event.

I’m rather looking forward to going back to the New Forest and being able to take a little bit of time to sniff the proverbial flowers and enjoy this beautiful part of the country.

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EmGeeCeCe July 11, 2012 at 7:15 am

very good write up old chap…. The New Forest is I think perfect cycle country.



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