June 2012

Tour de France 2012

by The Cycling Photographer on 29, June, 2012

30th June through to 22nd July the 99th Tour de France.


The Manor & Meadow Tour 2012

by Adam on 27, June, 2012

Group Photo

Mr Slyred, our friend from the Rebellious Colonies recently helped to organise the Manor & Medow Tour. Mr Slyred has been good enough to provide a little write up and share a few photographs of the day. It looked like a rather spiffing day out and a nice reminder to those of us in the Homeland what summer should look like

It started out as the loveliest spring weather in Chicago, but as the week progressed the temperatures got hotter every day.  Nonetheless over fifty riders braved the heat to come out for The Manor & Meadow Tour at Mayslake Hall in Oak Brook, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  On the day it was about 93F (~34C), which precluded tweed of any kind.  The typical attire was seersucker, linen and short trousers.

There was vintage steel of all pedigrees at the manor that Sunday.  All were welcomed.

Our esteemed Ride Captain, Alan Lloyd, had chosen a route that took us from the manor through Fullersburg Wood.  The trails were mostly shaded from the harsh afternoon sun.  Our first stop was the picnic area at Graue Mill.  Riders took the opportunity to take photographs at the nineteenth century grist mill and rest a bit from the first leg of the ride.

 We set out again, bound for the meadow that would serve as the turnaround point of the ride.  The Guvnors’ Assembly was represented by the extra tall Dr. Raybot on his extra tall Guv’nor.

No British Bicycles of Chicago ride would be complete without a least one pub stop.  York Tavern, the oldest public house in DuPage County, was our stop for libations during The Manor & Meadow Tour.

The ‘ever dapper’ John Ladner exits the pub ready to continue the ride back to the manor and prepare for afternoon tea.

Despite the temperatures, everyone was keen for tea back at the manor.  During the ride our dedicated tea ladies had prepared the tables for the hungry masses.  The Ace of Clubs bicycle for the raffle is in the foreground.

The riders in The Manor & Meadow Tour were quite generous in their donations.  The lovely Siobhan Gregory was on hand to accept our check for $1000 (~£650) benefiting Working Bikes Cooperative, Chicago.

All in all a very successful event.  We all had a great time and raised a nice sum of money for our charity.



A Competition for Men

by Adam on 25, June, 2012

Velo Vintage Competition

Gentlemen, and on this occasion, I pray the good Ladies who frequent this club occasionally will not take umbridge at me addressing the following missive solely towards the Gentlemen of the club. However ladies, please do not turn your backs in disgust as we shall have an announcement directed at your good selves in the not too distant future.

You may (or may not) be aware that those jolly amicable people at Velo Vintage are having a little soirée in Exmouth this September coming. In a magnificent act of generosity Mr Cycling Photographer has proposed a little competition for the Gentlemen proposing to participate on the expedition, between now and September Mr Photographer has propositioned that between now and September we set to growing the old Soup Strainers with the competition being judged on the day at the event.

The prize for the Master of the Moustache will be a Tintype style portrait taken by the afore mentioned Mr Photographer, to put this prize into some form of context I can only advise you to have a little peep at his Portfolio. I think it’s fair to say whoever is lucky enough to win this little contest will be in jolly good company.

To ensure everything is kept above board and very much to my chagrin, any chaps who help out in The Assembly’s engine room will not be entering this

“A man without a moustache is rather like a woman with one.”


The London Bike and Ale Ride

June 22, 2012 Jollies

  As with all good plans a ride through London over a weekend, taking in a few Public Houses was conceived over a pint or two during a conversation between Mr Corky and Mr Frosty, with Mr Frosty kindly taking up the reins and organising the ride on Saturday, selflessly dedicating himself to not only […]

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Brave New World.

June 20, 2012 Musings


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After the Fens

June 18, 2012 Jollies

  The Guvnors Assembly (Should Really Know Better Arm) embarked upon Flat Out in the Fens this weekend (17th June 2012) riding the Medium 112 mile route. We’re not entirely sure why, but once a Gentleman says he will do something then a bond has been made no matter how ridiculous. Mr Adam and Mr […]

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“We can make you feel good………..”

June 18, 2012 Musings

Gentlemen, for those not in the know, apparently after a rigorous session, running, cycling etc, one should head for the pantry and drink milk!  The young girls pictured, (heifers for you city chaps), will grow and produce an elixir that betters the concoctions created by Professor Pat Pending in his lab. Further details can be […]

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