May 2012

A Day Out With The BBC

by Adam on 28, May, 2012


Mr Wooster has been kind enough to provide a little write up from the days high jinx with the BBC

As many of you know we were approached by the BBC recently to assist with the filming of a forthcoming episode of Countryfile (dedicated to Pashley)  obviously we readily accepted.

After an announcement on the GA forum, Mr Fossil, Mr Archie Wheeler and my good self turned up at the Pashley  factory last week and met Mr Adrian Williams (MD) and our good friend Mr John Conod.

Adrian spent some time with us detailing the history of Pashley, we then had a bit of a photo shoot using the canal behind the factory as a backdrop.

Mr Williams is a charming chap who took a genuine interest in The Guvnors Assembly, and appeared very pleased with our involvement in the programme.

We were then introduced to the crew and the presenter (Ellie Harrison) at the factory and ran through the order of the day. It would appear that Miss Harrison puts more miles in on her bike than the rest of us put together as she is in training for the L’Etape Du Tour!

The general idea was that Ellie was going to ride with The Assembly on a Guvnor (no less) and turned up looking absolutely amazing with a tweed outfit acquired from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Ellie and I were “miked up” (God knows where they put the wires!) mounted our bikes and followed the cameraman who was filming from the back of a Land Rover.

She asked various questioned regarding the history of The Assembly, why we were doing it, and the japes we get up to on our jaunts around the countryside.

What a lovely lady Ellie is! She had the innate ability to make me feel quite at ease whilst she was interviewing – so much so that I think the conversation flowed very easily which alleviated the nerves that I had experienced the day before we attended the shoot.

I have purposefully not divulged too much as I think it would be “bad form” and would urge you to tune in to BBC Countryfile on Sunday 10th June and have a gander at what went on.

In addition to our exploits the show will also contain some very interesting information regarding the history of Pashley and how the bicycles are manufactured.

So make a note in your diary, gather your friends, neighbours and family tune in and tell them all “I’ve got one of those!”

In the meantime, Mr Fossil, Archie Wheeler and myself are seeking an agent and awaiting the arrival of our Equity cards!!

Pip! Pip!



Birth Place of….. The Guvnor!

by The Cycling Photographer on 23, May, 2012

A Cordial Invitation


Nature’s Salute…..

by The Cycling Photographer on 22, May, 2012

Seeing the Olympic torch proceed through the west country,

I wondered how nature would celebrate this event, if it could…….

This came to mind whilst riding along the Cotswold lanes.

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Energy Drink.

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Full of natural goodness. No artificial colourings or preservatives. “Get it down yer!”

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Big Chain!

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