April 2012


by The Cycling Photographer on 25, April, 2012

Been there. Done that. Keep the peddles turning through time.


A Guvnors Assembly Cycle Jersey

by Adam on 19, April, 2012

Guvnor Jersey


On occasion over on the Forum the topic strays over to the possibility of a cycle jersey for us to wear, with the season charging towards like a Grand National Champion with the bit in its teeth I thought I would test the waters.

The above design has kindly been provided by Mrs Adam, this can be tweaked but after conversations with the possible supplier the above is a good working design.

I am aware that several Gentlemen have successfully and happily purchased jerseys from Oregon Cyclewear but unfortunately they have a minimum order of 100 custom garments, we have however found a supplier Soigneur from New Zealand who will happily do a custom run with numbers as low as 6. We are of course happy for any other suggestions.

So a few facts, the jersey is made from Merino wool with a jacquard weave i.e. the design is actually woven into the fabric. We have been quoted a cost of about $170 NZ (£86.50) inclusive of postage. On top of this we may have to pay import duty (12%) and VAT (20%), depending how vigilant Customs and Excise are this will bring the all in cost up to around £115.00

So Gentlemen, I’ve opened a thread on the forum, what are your thoughts?

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Diamond Jubilee Picnic Ride

by Adam on 16, April, 2012


Chaps are all ready talking about the social event of the year over on the Forum. Our good friends at the Traditional Cycle Shop are organising a little jolly to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a ride and picnic around Stratford Upon Avon.

Provisionally the ride will be starting outside the Royal Shakespeare Company before heading out of town to the Charlecotte Park for a picnic and a little entertainment in the form of a Jazz band. They’ve even arranged free entry into the park for the riders.

The very nature of the location means the ride will be a more relaxed affair than the London Tweed Run, a group of chaps from The G.A. had a trip out last year and had nothing but praise for the scenery and our guides. The beer was not too bad either.

A little word of caution, accommodation can be a little hard to come by in Stratford, if you intend to stay over we would recommend you find a place to lay your head sooner rather than later.



April 12, 2012 Musings
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Toulouse-Lautrec and the Simpson chain

April 6, 2012 Musings

  The Simpson chain was invented by William Spears Simpson in the late 1800’s and by a series of events using the élite cyclist of the time went on to prove that the Simpson Lever Chain was an improvement over the standard chain in a series of races called the Chain Matches held at the Catford […]

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