March 2012

The Guvnors’ Assembly Goes Legitimate

by Adam on 29, March, 2012


We appear to have been offered some semblance of legitimacy.

To say The Assembly is a broad church is at times a little bit of an understatement, one of our original club members Mr Wertie Booster was recently invited by The Pedal Club to give a talk about the Pashley Guvnor and The Guvnors’ Assembly. Mr Booster in a previous life was a  well-known racing cyclist spending time racing both in the United Kingdom and on the Continent. As is the way in the cycling fraternity, during our jaunt around Stratford Upon Avon last year found Mr Booster engaged in conversation with Mr Steve Bullen and before long Mr Booster’s illustrious past came up in the conversation. Shortly afterwards, impressed by Mr Booster’s CV, Mr Bullen proffered an invitation to attend the September 2011 meeting of The Pedal Club in London as his guest.

It was at this meeting that the honorary secretary also found Mr Booster’s tales of interest and invited him to be guest speaker at some stage to talk about the Guvnor and the Guvnors’ Assembly.

The Pedal Club can only be described as the cycling equivalent of Royalty or at least a gathering of the good and the great on the UK cycling scene past and present. Formed in 1941 the Club was originally founded by a group of journalist as a meeting point to discuss cycling of the day, this was then in 1946 opened up to “those who have rendered service to cycling”

Mr Wooster has a tale or two to tell regarding the events of the day, however I think that these will probably be recounted by the man himself on future Club rides, I’d also like to thank him on behalf of The Guvnors’ Assembly for waving our flag in such illustrious company.



by The Cycling Photographer on 27, March, 2012


Ein Schönes Deutsches Guvnor

by Adam on 23, March, 2012

The Guvnor chaps are a talented group of individuals, a little inclement weather may drive a Gentleman for cover, however this does not mean that he curls up in front of the fire smoking his favourite Briar as has been ably demonstrated by Mr Corky this is often the time to pop ones overalls on and set to work in the shed.

It would appear Herr Bavarix von Bayern has been particularly busy. The already refined profile of the Guvnor has been subtly and tastefully changed to create a bike any individual would love to have in their garage.

You may notice the bright work is a little brighter, one of Herr Bavarix little tweaks was to nickel plate the chrome-work, a jolly nice and authentic 1920’s  finish. I could go on about the black anodising, the brass gear selector cover but to be honest the old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words has never been more true have a look in the gallery

Thank you Herr Bavarix for sharing you work with us. 


Guvnor Gouaches Découpés

March 20, 2012 Accessories

As usual Mrs. Adam has came up with the goods. The Guvnors’ Assembly’s favourite small town, Hebden Bridge has many independent shops for a potter including a rather nice Bicycle shop (albeit with an obvious omission in their stock from our point of view) Up the road is the Snug Gallery they carry a range […]

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March Gales.

March 15, 2012 Musings

In the old days, seasons were seasons and March gave us gales.

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We Have a Winner!

March 12, 2012 Accessories

“The chap rode his Gov’nor to Bridport Where he wanted to purchase a Chopped Chort The proprietor said chap You’ll just have to pedal back Cos I’ve just sold the last the last one to Lord Beaufort” Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for your patience.  We can now exclusively reveal the identity of the winner […]

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“Gentlemen. Mount your Guvnor’s!”

March 9, 2012 Jollies

  Gentlemen, the start of the Guvnor season is nearly upon us. After much speculation those chaps and chapesses at the Tweed Run have announced the date as the 6th May 2012. For the first time entry is based on a lottery system instead of first come first served, registration starts on the 10th March until […]

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