Just the Ticket

by Adam on 23, February, 2012

GUV'NOR Exploer the Countryside

In the New Year I pulled a picture from the Guvnor Catalogue with the title “Sure to make an impression wherever you go”. The second image I’ve selected informs us that a Guvnor is “just the ticket for exploring the English countryside” I sentiment with which I heartily agree, with the proviso that the Guvnor works just as well in any countryside not just England’s.

One of the joys of riding the Guvnor over other forms of cycling and god forbid the motorcar, is you must always travel at the Guvnors’ pace, of course it can be whipped along at a rate, however both the rider and the bike know this is not the natural speed for this particular velocipede and, at some point both shall return to a more civilised stride.

When the Chaps are out on a Guvnor ride they ride as one group despite the vast range of experience present, whilst of course the Gentlemen of The Guvnors Assembly would never leave a man behind the truth is the Guvnor is a leveler of men, removing the need for haste and allowing the riders to concentrate on more important things such as the views and by no means least the conversation.

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The Cycling Photographer February 23, 2012 at 7:58 am

I wish I could write like this…… Well put Mr. Adam. I remember when
I received my Guvnor how I tried to ride ‘as usual’, only to be coaxed
into a more civilised way, as if by a wise old gent.
Bravo! Hurry the Spring. TCP.


Adam February 23, 2012 at 9:23 am

Thank you – “O” Level English Lit. you know?


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