November 2011

2011 London Tweed Run

Whilst it was lovely having the most gorgeous escorts on the ride it was good to be able to slow down a little and begin to take in the unique atmosphere of the Tweed Run, the Ladies and Gentlemen with impeccably waxed moustaches, the collective raising of hip flasks at every pause. I’m still unsure if several hundred riders tipping caps and thanking irate taxi drivers for their patience adds fuel to the fire or helps calm a sticky situation.

Shortly after leaving Hyde Park we were heading along Sloane Street stopping at The Royal Avenue for a short refuelling stop, I think the residents found us a curious yet pleasing site as they occasionally popped out of their homes to take photographs.

The tea stop on this occasion was particularly special as our esteemed Mr Martin as Chief of Brews, ensuring hundreds of china cups of tea and delicate cup-cakes served to the masses. Mr Martin I would like to thank you and your fellow Marshals for you hard work on behalf of everyone on the ride. Other entertainment could be found watching one of the small ensembles playing for our entertainment or having ones lip-weasle pepped up by Murdock of London.

All too soon, the marshals are milling around asking us to get on our bikes and get prepare for the off, all too soon we were at our final destination, and what a destination the Caledonian Club just off Belgrave Square. The day finished with musical acts, award ceremonies, whisky and beer.

At this stage we’ve got to thank Ted, Jacqui and the Marshals for organising the ride. A massive thank you to Jack and everyone else at Tally Ho Tours for the wonderful and kind offer of taking our bikes back for secure storage (Plans have been hatched for spring next year so don’t put your Tweeds away just yet).

What with the Traditional Cycle Shop and Tally Ho! Cycles Tours it looks like we may have an interesting year coming up chaps.

Finally please find enclosed a link to the Gallery if you have any photos you would like included please drop Mr Martin a PM and he will happily do the honours.


The weather in London was absolutely perfect for the ride, the autumnal air and the russet leaves on the trees adding wonderfully  to the atmosphere when four hundred Tweed clad cyclist gathered in Covent Garden for the start of the ride.

At this point I have a small confession to make, due to my over reliance on new fangled technology and the lack of a good old fashioned map Mrs Adam and I may have been a little late for the start of the ride by about twenty minuets. Very fortunately for us four Ralph Lauren ladies were also in the same boat and importantly had a route map. To my personal soundtrack of the Devil’s Gallop we set off in hot pursuit of the main ride, it might not have been the official start to the ride but to follow five lovely ladies around the streets of London has got to be one of the highlights of the ride for me.

We finally caught up with the main group at Hyde Park, to my eternal shame the Ralph Lauren ladies disappeared into the throng before I had time to thank them.

The combination of Malt Whisky fumes and exceptionally well dressed gentlemen made the Guvnor riders as easy group to spot as we went through the gates.

More to follow…

Please find enclosed a link to photographs by Mr Corky


London Rugby Tweed Run 2011

by Adam on 23, November, 2011

The most talked about event on the Forum is upon us, the London Rugby Tweed Run 2011 is nearly here! Moth balls have been removed from suits, Brogues given a final buff and hip-flasks charged with ones favourite tipple.

Guvnor riders will be congregating at the Harp Public House around 10:30 ante meridian for a quick sniffter before shooting off to the Ralph Lauren store for the start proper of the ride.

To anyone travelling to the ride we bid you a safe journey, please come and say hello if you are lucky you may even be offered a Jelly Baby or two.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Tally Ho! Cycle Tours for their very kind and generous offer of bike storage for the Saturday night.

Gentlemen we look forward to renewing old acquaintances and making new ones this coming Saturday.

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