Carry On Kent (and a bit of Surrey)!

by Adam on 26, April, 2016

Carry On Kent

Once in a while, the gregarious chaps of the GA like to give a little bit back, and with open arms welcome the Ladies and Gentlemen of the GA, to their Manor to see the sites and take in a little bit of their local culture (admittedly usually Public Houses, but we have on occasion learnt something).

On this particular occasion after years of threats Mr and Mrs Pip have taken up the banner and offered to lead one and all around Kent (with a little bit of Surrey). As of yet, and as always with these little lead outs, details are a little sketchy, suffice to say bikes will be ridden, sights will be seen and of course, pub lunches will be eaten. As ever all are welcome with “Guvnor” attitude being far more important than an actual Guvnor.

Mr  formative thoughts can be read over on the forum.

Accommodation can be found here, I’ve been assured East Grinstead is a picturesque hamlet in the heart of the home counties.


Tally Ho1 2015


Is it really nearly a year since our friends at Tally Ho! took the Guvnors’ Assembly around the East end of London? And we have still not regaled the unfortunate chaps who could not attend with our tales of daring-do, adventure and spiritual home coming.

As many of you are aware, it has became somewhat of a tradition for Tally Ho! Cycle Tours to take the GA around the less travelled roads of London, where we get to go off the beaten track and our wonderful guides get plied with as much beer as they can drink during our frequent stops. In talks prior to the ride, Mr Jack Harris was musing over possible routes, “Do you think the GA would like to have a gin tasting at a new distillery that’s opened?” Destination sorted.

The spiritual home of Tally Ho! is The Walrus and so this is where we met, slowly gathering in numbers, a few new faces, a few old faces and a few old friend faces. We were eventually enticed onto our bikes by the promise of gin and if we behaved our selves a pint (maybe two). Such was out keenness to push on, even with several stops en-route to point out we arrived at the gin tasting far too early so we were packed off to Ropewalk on Maltby Street. When every man and his dog pops along to Borough market, Ropewalk was a rather pleasant change with a rather tasty breakfast being found in a Bloody Mary at Little Bird Gin the perfect aperitif before our twelve o’clock at Jensen Gin. Jensen’s are a small batch gin distillery, producing two main gins (Bermondsey Dry Gin and Jensen’s Old Tom), rather conveniently they produce smaller batch specials such as Chai Gin, in a rather handy pocket sized bottle.

To a lesser cycle club, this would have signalled the end of the day, not however the GA. Bikes are to be ridden so ride them we do, this time heading up along the Regent Canal, where unfortunately one of our number suffered a puncture, the GA have a credence “Never leave a man behind”, however we were near the pub, sorry our destination, Alan assured us he was in good hands so we did the decent thing and popped off down the road and popped one in the pump for the late arrivals.

The Palm Tree in Mile End, was a marvellous Public House, untouched by the fripperies of the outside world it was in every sense a London Boozer. This seemed to have an unusual effect on Mr Simons, who suddenly became more Cockney than a barrel full of Pearly Kings and Queens, insisting it was his manor, he was in the chair and if we turned his offer down he would “lace” us, shortly before dancing out of the door singing “Doin’ the Lambeth Walk ‘Oi”.

Time running a little short a little charge was needed across the old Met, with a quick stop to thank Jack and Niles for an outstanding day out and giving them (rather embarrassingly) proper bottle of beer as a token of thanks.

If this sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday after the Tweed Run, or you just fancy an interesting ride around London then the good news is Jack has yet again offered to take us to another new and unusual route, details are a little hazy at the moment although we will be meeting at the Walrus 10ish, Mr Harris also mentioned something about “Whisky Mick’s” new ride.

Sounds like it could be a good’n.

To maybe whet your palette are few snaps from last year,


30 Days of Cycling

by Adam on 30, March, 2016


Words like “Challenge” do not really sit with the GA, but the 30 Days of Biking appears to have struck a chord over the past few years with several fellows and one or two of the Basket Brigade stepping up and completing the challenge.

If you gave not heard of the covenant, a fellow agrees to ride their bike everyday for the period of April, it maybe a sojourn around the block or an outing to stretch one’s legs and put wind in lungs lungs however to iterate the agreement is everyday, come rain, wind, sunshine and slightly rough mornings.

We have set up a little area to chat on the shed, to encourage each other to succeed, but of course we may mock a little if you fall (the second half of this sentence is particularly applicable to those fellows from warmer climes).

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