The Cotswolds

by The Cycling Photographer on 13, August, 2014


Safe journeys to those attending The Cotswolds Run!

A very warm welcome is guaranteed!


Fancy Larking About in Lincoln?

by Adam on 5, August, 2014

lincoln fp

Gentlemen, cast your minds back to the hazy past when the clarion call went forth asking kind souls if they would be kind enough to host the Guvnors’ Assembly for a weekend of riding, sight-seeing and the distinct possibility of sampling something brewed locally.

Step forward Mr Lincstcq and his much better other half, who sneaked to the guardhouse of Lincoln city one dark night, stole the keys, sallied forth and opened the gates to the GA.

At this juncture we would like to tell you about a few of the wonderful sites lined up, we do however feel a little too much may have been given away already, but then again for a generation of chaps brought up on 1950′s war films fond memories will leave smiles riveted to our faces, we have also received notice that the Basket Brigade will be properly catered for.

Lincoln is a fair sized city with plenty of accommodation, but in an attempt to minimise disturbance to the conurbation by the burgesses and the bartering skills of our most generous host a deal (possibly blackmail) was struck with The Lincoln Hotel for a double or twin £80.00 and for a single £70.00 both including breakfast, in addition the hotel has a little offer for an evening meal possibly for those gathering on the Friday? To take them up on this kind offer give the hotel a ring a quote “Guvnors Assembly” preferably whilst wearing a gabardine mac and fedora. The hotel is rather popular so it maybe worth booking sooner rather than later.

So, lets not have to “Chastise” anyone, we shall hopefully rendezvous at ten hundred hours on the 27th and 28th of September.


Tally Ho - Stratford

As is becoming a bit of a tradition after the chaos of the Tweed Run, Tally Ho! Tours take us under their wing and guide us through the streets of London.

Knowing what hardened riders the GA are Jack had something a little different in mind this year, making use of the canals around London and taking us out on a little magical mystery tour and the promise of some of the best pizza ever had.

Setting of from Tally Ho! HQ, that also conveniently doubles as a pub we partially re-traced our steps along the previous days Tweed Run before popping over the river to begin our adventure proper, as always with Mr Harris we followed an interesting route but it’s his little stops and additional information that really do add something extra to the ride, the fact that he happens to know some of the best and most historic pubs in the fair city is merely a happy bonus for we thirsty cyclists.

After a short trip along the Grand Union Canal we were riding through Stratford and the old Olympic village, it was here Mr Harris stopped next to an old fashioned Helter Skelter and mentioned that he had ridden once before along this way with a group but alas no one took him up on his offer for a whizz down the slide. Now the ladies of the Basket Brigade and the Gentlemen of the GA are made of stern stuff and the sentence had barely left his lips before a group discount had been arranged and a queue formed. I think it is fair to say the screams of delight were heard over the entire park that only got louder when the Basket Brigade set off.

Before we left the park Mr Harris had a final treat install, and that was for the capture of an image every man, Jack and his boy knew should have happened in 2012, if it was not for red tape, selection processes and years of hard work.

Rings FP

Around now we were getting a little peckish, and with the promise of “one of the best pizzas ever” we set off to the Crate Craft Beer Brewery and to be honest, the pizza was pretty good and sitting in the sun with a pint and friends is never going to be hard work.

All too soon, we had to start making a move, homes to go to and maybe one more stop on our return leg along the Regents Canal, alas the good weather had brought out all and sundry that resulted in the loop back taking a little longer than expected. Back at Tally Ho! HQ Mr Harris offered his guests around of drinks, for the record, to a man we went for iced water despite protestations from Mr Harris we really should have a beer. Let that be noted.

As ever Mr Harris was an impeccable host and guide a massive heart felt thank you to him for guiding us and taking us all in good humour. If you ever find yourself in that London town and have not been on a tour with Tally Ho! Cycle Tours avail yourself of his services and take one of his rides.

A few memories from the day.

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