L’Eroica 2016

by Adam on 11, June, 2016

green jersey

Well Gentlemen, the time is nearly upon us, the last remnants of Autosol has been squeezed out of the tubes, bells have been polished to within an inch of their brass lives an the GA jerseys have been taken from the locked vaults for a final press before it’s biggest public outing of the year.

In addition to the excitement of the event and following on of the supply of pork scratchings from Freshers Foods for the sponsorship of Carry on Kent the exceedingly nice Velo Heaven have offered us a pair of their rather smart cycling gloves to give away, after very little thought we decided the fairest way to allocate them would be to the winner of the Guvnors’ Assembly Green Jersey.

The Green Jersey is an award given by the venerable Dodger on a very loose set of criteria that basically enshrine the GA’s unwritten values that include but are not limited to; The supporting of fellow riders (even ones on Bakelite!), gentlemanly behaviour, a cheeky wave from a member of the opposite sex to name but a few. Indeed, I am told that the scoring system is “far too long and too complex for mere mortals to understand”, however we are reassured by Dodger that it is all entirely fair and above board, the fact that he happens to win his own award nine times out of ten is purely down to the base facts of the days ride.

Of course to stand even an outside chance of winning you must first ride with the GA, as ever all are welcome to ride with us we shall be meeting at the beer barrels kindly put out for us 30 minutes before the earliest start of each ride before making our way down to the start, or alternatively feel free to pick us up en-route a hello and a handshake is all that is required.

If you care to join us for a pint or two on the Friday or Saturday (just to loosen one’s limbs you understand?) we have been informed that Sergeant Foss will be bringing his GA Colours, if you see the flag we shall be under it’s glorious shadow.

Safe trips one and all, and here is to a good weekend’s cycling.

A little taster from last year. and the year before.


Pashley and Chums at the Tweed Run

by Adam on 24, May, 2016

Pashley & The Tweed Run, London 2016 from Pashley Cycles on Vimeo.

As a few of you are aware, the Tweed Run took place a few weekends ago, in lieu of any music while you wait for the GA’s take on events please find enclosed a little feature produced my those jolly nice people from Pashley.


Carry On Kent (and a bit of Surrey)!

by Adam on 26, April, 2016

Carry On Kent

Once in a while, the gregarious chaps of the GA like to give a little bit back, and with open arms welcome the Ladies and Gentlemen of the GA, to their Manor to see the sites and take in a little bit of their local culture (admittedly usually Public Houses, but we have on occasion learnt something).

On this particular occasion after years of threats Mr and Mrs Pip have taken up the banner and offered to lead one and all around Kent (with a little bit of Surrey). As of yet, and as always with these little lead outs, details are a little sketchy, suffice to say bikes will be ridden, sights will be seen and of course, pub lunches will be eaten. As ever all are welcome with “Guvnor” attitude being far more important than an actual Guvnor.

Mr  formative thoughts can be read over on the forum.

Accommodation can be found here, I’ve been assured East Grinstead is a picturesque hamlet in the heart of the home counties.


Tally Ho! Cycles ft. The Guvnors’ Assembly

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30 Days of Cycling

March 30, 2016 Musings

Words like “Challenge” do not really sit with the GA, but the 30 Days of Biking appears to have struck a chord over the past few years with several fellows and one or two of the Basket Brigade stepping up and completing the challenge. If you gave not heard of the covenant, a fellow agrees […]

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The 2015 Holly Run

March 11, 2016 Jollies

Well truth be told it’s a while since the GA accompanied by the in-dominatable Basket Brigade, held the season finale ride, however dark nights, cold weather and the lure of a glass of Port and a good pipe has encouraged your humble writer to catch up on the events of the previous year that have […]

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Jack Wills, The Guvnors’ Assembly and a Few Hangers On

February 8, 2016 Musings

  It would appear that the venerable Guvnor has yet again been picked upon by the  youthful, stylish and good looking, this time in the Jack Wills catalogue. Now, we at the GA are not the type of fellows that go banding praise and complements around willy nilly, but when the article has the good […]

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