The Cotswolds

by The Cycling Photographer on 1, September, 2014


Our hearts and heads shouted “MORE!”

Our liver’s & stomach’s said “NO MORE!”

Mrs.TCP and myself can’t thank you all enough in helping create such a FANTASTIC weekend.

To be honest, we were rather emotional due to the depth of camaraderie that The GA has become famous for.

It was wonderful to meet new members, Mandy & Russ.

We were blessed with good weather, good local fayre and liquor and undulating scenery, only to be enhanced with the sound of……………….. musical horns!

Providing I am not hauled in front of the local magistrate on noise pollution charges, we hope another year will see you all back.

Bless you all.




The Cotswolds

by The Cycling Photographer on 13, August, 2014


Safe journeys to those attending The Cotswolds Run!

A very warm welcome is guaranteed!


Fancy Larking About in Lincoln?

by Adam on 5, August, 2014

lincoln fp

Gentlemen, cast your minds back to the hazy past when the clarion call went forth asking kind souls if they would be kind enough to host the Guvnors’ Assembly for a weekend of riding, sight-seeing and the distinct possibility of sampling something brewed locally.

Step forward Mr Lincstcq and his much better other half, who sneaked to the guardhouse of Lincoln city one dark night, stole the keys, sallied forth and opened the gates to the GA.

At this juncture we would like to tell you about a few of the wonderful sites lined up, we do however feel a little too much may have been given away already, but then again for a generation of chaps brought up on 1950′s war films fond memories will leave smiles riveted to our faces, we have also received notice that the Basket Brigade will be properly catered for.

Lincoln is a fair sized city with plenty of accommodation, but in an attempt to minimise disturbance to the conurbation by the burgesses and the bartering skills of our most generous host a deal (possibly blackmail) was struck with The Lincoln Hotel for a double or twin £80.00 and for a single £70.00 both including breakfast, in addition the hotel has a little offer for an evening meal possibly for those gathering on the Friday? To take them up on this kind offer give the hotel a ring a quote “Guvnors Assembly” preferably whilst wearing a gabardine mac and fedora. The hotel is rather popular so it maybe worth booking sooner rather than later.

So, lets not have to “Chastise” anyone, we shall hopefully rendezvous at ten hundred hours on the 27th and 28th of September.


Tally-Ho! Take the Guvnors’ Assembly Down a Slippery Slope.

July 17, 2014 Jollies

As is becoming a bit of a tradition after the chaos of the Tweed Run, Tally Ho! Tours take us under their wing and guide us through the streets of London. Knowing what hardened riders the GA are Jack had something a little different in mind this year, making use of the canals around London […]

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The Guvnors’ Assembly and Friends at L’Eroica Britannia

June 25, 2014 Jollies

  Guvnors’ Assembly and friends at L’Eroica Britannia from Guvnors’ Assembly on Vimeo. Most people interested in cycling have heard of L’Eroica a cycling event in Tuscany for vintage bikes (and Guvnors), it is however a very long way away and the Guvnor is a little over sized to be stuffed into an aeroplane’s hold. […]

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The 2014 Pashley Picnic

June 5, 2014 Jollies

The 2014 Pashley Picnic from Guvnors’ Assembly. After a week of “will it won’t it?” weather watching we threw open the windows to a bright and sunny day in Stratford Upon Avon, not a bad start as to what was going to be a superb day. Pashley this year had decided to start the event […]

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The Guvnors’ Assembly Pop Along to the 2014 Tweed Run

May 25, 2014 Jollies

The 2014 Tweed Run with The Guvnors’ Assembly from Guvnors’ Assembly In May 2014 The Guvnors Assembly accompanied by the lovely Basket Brigade and other good friends of the G.A. packed their bags and headed off to London Town for the 6th Annual Tweed Run. As ever the organisers had came up with a new […]

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