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It would appear that the venerable Guvnor has yet again been picked upon by the  youthful, stylish and good looking, this time in the Jack Wills catalogue. Now, we at the GA are not the type of fellows that go banding praise and complements around willy nilly, but when the article has the good taste and decency to give the good old Guvnors’ Assembly a mention it would be churlish not to reciprocate.


London Design Museum and Bicycles

by Adam on 11, January, 2016



A few of the Southern Chaps have had a Stirling idea (over a pint naturally) to have a little jaunt out to that London town and cast a critical eye over the Design Museum’s Cycle Revolution.

Obviously a chap cannot spend the whole day kicking tyres in a museum, a few of the better read fellows of the GA have suggested it can be very thirsty work this museum lark, always happy to take the advice of the Assembly’s intelligentsia a suggested meeting point is the Dean Swift before setting off to the Design Museum for the morning session.

If you are interested in popping along the planned date for this assignation is the 30th of January 2016 with a view to making our way to the museum not long after 10:00 ante-meridian. We shall no doubt return back to a public house to discus the merits of the exhibition and the evolution of bicycle design.

Tickets available just here.

Little update chaps, it would appear the Dean Swift is closed, our point of assignation has been relocated to The Shard, at the escalator near the tube station, we shall be recognisable by the pink carnation in our lapel.


Pashley Bikes Heritage

by Adam on 5, January, 2016



It appears over Christmas our friends at Pashley were at a bit of a loose end and have dug the old shoe boxes out from under the bed, rummaged through the photos contained within them, and after discarding the more embarrassing ones, in particular the one with Rath, a bucket of milk and a bike pump, assembled them together into some sort of order and made them public for our delectation.

The Pashley Heritage Photographs and a rather nice time line of the company.


Yo! Ho! Ho!

December 23, 2015 Musings

  Well ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got through another one with style, panache and humour we’ve even ridden our bikes on occasion. Wishing one and all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and here’s to riding with you all in 2016, and of course if Santa leaves a little biked shaped parcel under the […]

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The Holly Run

October 24, 2015 Jollies

  As inevitable as a bike that Mr Dodger has serviced falling apart within ten miles the Holly Run is upon us. After the past couple of years we thought it may make a nice little change to step out into the Shropshire countryside for a breath of fresh air. Guvnors’ Assembly Head Quarters this […]

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“P” is for Peloton

October 14, 2015 Accessories

A few months ago the GA were taken into a locked vault, issued with a pair of white cotton gloves and from a sealed chamber “P is for Peloton” was produced (This may not be a strictly accurate account of the event, but we have never let facts stand in the way of a good […]

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Free Bikes and Beer (well beer anyway)

October 5, 2015 Jollies

  It’s not everyday someone is foolish enough to invite the GA on a ride with the promise of free beer but Steve from the Great British Bike Build has gone and done exactly that. To celebrate the opening of his Pashley dealership at 10:00 ante meridian he will be leading a little eleven mile […]

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