The 2017 Holly Run (ish)

by Adam on 1, November, 2017

Postponed - holly run 2017


As a few of you know for a few years now the Holly Run has been a bit of a winter tradition, however alas and alack we have had to make the decision to postpone it until early spring.

Fear not nothing is remiss, but after pouring over suitable dates in an attempt to include as many a possible we realised that first most practical weekend available was the  23rd of December.

This however does mean that come early spring we shall have a pre season opener allowing us to make the most of the years early (and more importantly) late light and allowing us to linger a little longer at our various stop overs (pubs)


The 2017 Pashley Picnic

by Adam on 26, September, 2017

PP 2017 Resize


The evenings are getting a little fresher, the Handlebards are back on home soil, and people are thinking towards wrapping their Guvnor up in cotton wool before popping it into cryogenic storage for the remains of the year. Pashley however have a different agenda, it is time for Pashley owners from around the world to gather in Stratford Upon Avon for the annual Pashley Picnic.

As is the GA’s tradition we had a little ride planned meeting at the Marina Cafe opposite the Traditional Cycle Shop that conveniently gives a little bit of time to pop in and kick a few tyres and generally get under the feet of the good people who actually work in the shop before heading off into the countryside.

At this point a big thank you has to be given to Mrs Adam and the bar staff at the Bear, who wisely locked us away in a private room on the Saturday evening and considered it a good idea to stop us organising a relay to the bar and take frequent drink orders.

To the main event.

Sunday is upon us, the GA marshals are signed up and champing at the bit, Blaaake, Pashley’s resident cat wrangler pops his megaphone out gives it a good blow to attract everyone’s attention and before you know it we are off causing madness, mayhem and confusion through the streets of Stratford before heading off up to Chalecote Park. Now there are no two ways about it, Charlecote is at the top of a very, very long hill. The gentle incline stretching the group. Not that this is an issue, the riders are happy to dawdle along, the Marshals fly up and down the hill, giving the appearance of knowing what they are doing.

A quick dash and we are in the park with a little bite to eat and one of the most anarchic renditions of the Bard witnessed. A short hour later and we receive the call to muster at the gates ready for the decent back into Stratford for the obligatory group photo outside Will’s old gaff, before returning to the Boat House for food, drink, dancing and of course pass the parcel.

Thank you to everyone involved in organising the event, Mr Schubert for the Black Country/Bard quiz and of course everyone who makes the weekend the fun that it is.

*New just in from Pashley*

As part of Pashley’s never ending quest for never ending improvement a selection of riders were given a card asking for feedback, Mr Williams has kindly shared the replies regarding the marshals.

Q: What was your opinion regarding the standard of marshalling on the ride?

A: I thought the one in the skirt was rather cute. – John Waters

A: You had marshals? – Anon

A: I think you should by them all a pint – Mrs GC

A: Someone’s got to do it – Matt


Respectfully Different

by The Cycling Photographer on 19, September, 2017



The 2017 Pashley Picnic

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