The Guvnors Assembly Are Now in Type

by Adam on 12, November, 2014

Hold The Press!

Finally the Gutenberg press has a reason to have been invented, after centuries of turning out irrelevant copy it has finally been put to good use and used to publish two separate articles about the Guvnors’ Assembly.

Back in July the internationally renowned cycling journalist Herr Wolfgang Scherreicks popped over to Blighty to ride the L’Eroica Britannia however the main purpose for his visit was to meet and interview a few of the good fellows and ladies of The Assembly for Radwelt

The second article is in the Velorution magazine, after a chat with John Conod at Pashley, as a preface to an article about Pashley the old chap pointed Gretta Cole, the editor in our direction suggesting we maybe a stylish preface to the preceding Pashley feature.

Obviously it is jolly nice to see the GA in ink, but on top of this the magazine does also include an interview with Steven Bell, Pashley’s new managing director, an interesting read in it’s own right.


The GA 2014 Holly Run

Well, the weather is closing in, the nights are getting dark and anyone with a single ounce of sense will be putting their bikes away for the winter and digging out the unfinished Airfix Spitfire from last year.

The issue here is of course the GA are not renown for their sense, and so we offer you this years’ Holly Run, by popular request we have been asked for another urban jolly and of course we are more than happy to oblige.

We are setting camp up in Media City, Salford a mere cock stride form the glittering lights of Manchester for an evenings entertainment. By now I am sure you are probably breathless with anticipation so a few details maybe of interest?

So, where are we rendezvousing?

For those of us popping along on the Friday a public house called the Dockyard real beer and decent pub food, if people will will be so good to offer notice we shall reserve a GA cordon for the evening. If however you are planning on popping along on the Saturday morning a rather nice cafe called Pokusevskis is open from 7.00 ante meridian for a spot of breakfast and coffee.

With this in mind, and we really must apologise for the un-civilised start it would be rather nice if everyone could be at the Blue Peter garden for a 9:30 start on the Saturday and 10:00 on the Sunday.

With regards to accommodation, it all seems to be getting rather busy in the area with the original suggestion of the Media City Holiday Inn now fully booked, a short walk away is the Holiday Inn Express and even further (about a mile away, but a pretty penny cheaper) the Victoria Warehouse Hotel.

We do not want to be the sort of chaps that try and teach you how to blow eggs, but the days are getting shorter and bike theft in the civilised North is a rare thing but lights and a lock would be a worthwhile accessory to bring along.

Finally, it would be rather helpful if you intend joining us on Friday or Saturday night to let us know so can ensure you do not end up sitting on the floor at any juncture over the weekend


Lincoln; Bikes, Rides and Pies

by Adam on 19, October, 2014

Larking In Lincoln FP

By kind invitation of Mr Linstcq and his good lady wife the GA went out East to sample a little bit of life in the Shires.

Base for our little adventure was the Lincoln Hotel and rather good they were too, even supplying a breakfast for everyone who turned up on the Saturday morning. In an unusually un-Guvnors Assembly way we were assembled and ready to go not too far off our allotted leaving time and off we went, on our first leg to the cathedral  where I think it is fair to say we created a stir equal to that as when Hugh first turned up on the scene.

Photographic call completed, it was time to ride our bikes properly and see some of the magnificent Lincolnshire scenery heading out of the city past possibly one of the most picturesque H.M.P’s to be seen, we soon dropped onto the Water Rail Way an ex-rail line between Lincoln and Boston that runs along the banks of the river Whitham and rather pleasant it all was as well pottering along the GA and the Basket Brigade in all their glory, but as we all know cyclist cannot live on breakfast alone so onto our mandatory tea stop.

The Bardney Heritage Centre is well worth the price of admission, the fact that it is free is a bonus. One of the old stations along the line, the heritage centre is an eclectic mix showcasing the history of the area, with exhibits proudly showing the areas historic heritage although this year they have particularly focused on the 100th Year of the formation of the RAF’s 9 Squadron. The fact that the centre is run by two ex-cyclist and makes some of the best chips known to man is purely the icing on the cake.

Although the GA do enjoy a bit of history we are at heart a cycle club, granted we may not be the fastest or ride the furthest but we do ride and time came for us to press on again up and away through the surrounding farmland, several more miles under our wheels along quiet country lanes (it never ceases to surprise how quiet roads can be with a little local knowledge and planning), obviously all this cycling takes it out of one’s self and to prevent meltdown it became necessary to find sustenance fortunately Mr Lincstcq had a place in mind that happened to serve both food and drink at the same location. The Bottle and Glass did exactly what was needed, good beer and proper pub food.

Fed and watered time to head back to GA HQ and get ready for the evening, as a nice surprise the hotel laid on a little entertainment in the form of “Hunt the Bike Room Key”

Sunday morning, after an early night in preparation for the days ride, the initial decent of the day dropping down through Lincoln with a decent that was a test and a half for the old Guvnor brakes, before heading out along the Fossdyke canal to the Dambuster Inn. Now we do enjoy a good public house but the Dambuster is a little bit special, micro brewery, rather tasty food (although we were all still a little full after breakfast so on this occasion the rather good looking Sunday roasts were passed on) and enough RAF WWII memorabilia to keep the chaps unusually quiet.

A rather pleasant ride back to the hotel then time to pack our bags and make our way home, or it would have been if Mr Lincstcq had not mysteriously disappeared and re-appeared with some rather tasty limited edition Guvnors’ Assembly pork pies from Fosters of Monks road, each pie was resplendent with a GA, moustache and bike crafted in pastry. We were informed that the pies could be frozen but to be honest there was never much chance of that happening.

Finally a massive thank you to Mr & Mrs Lincstcq for having us and being impeccable hosts and not forgetting a warm welcome to Mr Fitch and the redoubtable Lincolnshire Poachers.

As ever a few snaps from the weekend Show me the pies


L’Eroica Britannia 2015 is here!

October 3, 2014 Jollies

  Well Ladies and Gentlemen, get you diaries out the dates for L’Eroica Britannia are announced, if you did not manage to attend in 2014 then block out the dates and we shall see you there. Can we get 50 Guvnors on the line?

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And They Invited Us Back! – The Cotswolds 2014

September 20, 2014 Jollies

After the magnificent success of the GA’s trip to the Cotswolds last year, Mr and Mrs Cycling Photographer very kindly offered to have us back in their manor, all be it to the Crown Inn at Frampton Mansell, a marvellous decision, Gemma, the landlady, is a direct descendent of the infamous Capt. Thomas Blood and […]

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The Cotswolds

September 1, 2014 Musings

Our hearts and heads shouted “MORE!” Our liver’s & stomach’s said “NO MORE!” Mrs.TCP and myself can’t thank you all enough in helping create such a FANTASTIC weekend. To be honest, we were rather emotional due to the depth of camaraderie that The GA has become famous for. It was wonderful to meet new members, Mandy & […]

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The Cotswolds

August 13, 2014 Musings

Safe journeys to those attending The Cotswolds Run! A very warm welcome is guaranteed!

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